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How to choose a provident contract for liberal professions?

Juil 10, 2023
assurance prévoyance pour professions libérales

provident insurance for liberal professions

Unlike the vast majority of employees, the liberal professions do not benefit from pension guarantees. They will have to cover themselves individually with the help of a pension contract. It is still necessary to choose the contract adapted to your situation. Find out how to make the right choice of pension insurance.

Liberal profession, what is the use of a pension contract?

Having the same title as a self-employed worker, a self-employed professional is exposed to various risks such as incapacity for work and death. However, the mandatory scheme does not provide sufficient coverage. Thanks to a occupational pension insurancethe professional can benefit from various services from his insurer if one of the cases happens to him.

In addition, a provident insurance contract is a means of supplementing the payments made by the various social organizations such as Social Security. It is often complementary to the insurance offered by its compulsory health insurance scheme.

Note that there are two types of provident contract in liberal, namely:

  • the flat-rate contract: more reassuring, it provides for fixed compensation independent of other services;
  • the indemnity contract: all the benefits paid by the compulsory plan are taken into account and deducted from the indemnity paid to the provident fund.

The risks covered by a pension contract

Provident insurance for liberal professions covers three main risks.

incapacity for work

This is the first risk covered by provident insurance. The insurance company will pay the insured daily or monthly indemnities. Professionals unable to work can therefore maintain their standard of living and properly pay the expenses related to their activity.

Partial or complete disability

In the form of an annuity, the guarantee is in addition to that paid by the CIPAV, for example. Functional or occupational disability or both are taken into account depending on the type of contract.

The death of the professional or the total loss of autonomy

In the event of death, the guarantee usually consists of a payment of capital to the heirs of the insured who are his family. Aiming to better protect his family, there are other additional options such as an education pension for his children, a spouse’s pension or the payment of funeral expenses.

How to choose a provident contract for liberal profession?

An expert such as an insurer, a broker or a management consultant is best placed to advise you in your choice of pension contract. You can talk to him about all your coverage needs. In order to better guide you, the professional will assess your standard of living, your family situation and your expenses. He is able to find you the best contract offering you the maximum protection.

By comparing several contracts on the market, you will easily find the contract with the guarantees that meet your needs. You should pay particular attention to a few points such as:

  • the benefits provided: annuity, payment of capital, daily allowance, etc.;
  • the amount of the guarantees (compensation or lump sum);
  • the risks covered;
  • the contribution to be paid;
  • the level of modularity of the contract: choice of duration, annuity, etc.;
  • the costs covered during a situation triggering a guarantee;
  • exclusions;
  • waiting and grace periods;
  • the procedures for triggering the guarantees;
  • the cost of optional guarantees
  • etc

Before taking out pension insurance, it is essential to carefully read the general conditions of the contract.

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