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the 100% digital dog and cat health subscription

Juil 10, 2023
the 100% digital dog and cat health subscription

Startup launched in April 2021, Dalma offers a complete and competitive health insurance offer for cats and dogs. His ambition? Revolutionize the pet health market with a 100% digital subscription. If you are looking for the best for your animal’s health and want to take out mutual insurance for your dog or cat, discover the many advantages of the health insurance offered by Dalma !

Revolutionary insurance for your dog or cat

Reserved only for dogs and cats, the new pet insurance of Dalma is a health subscription 100% digital which reimburses your veterinary expenses in 48 hours (reimbursement is made online from your customer area). The strong point of this insurance is undoubtedly its application and the interface of its website, which are extremely intuitive.

These also give you access to professional advice to help you take care of your dogs and cats on a daily basis. Do you have a question about the health, well-being or education of your little companion? Thanks to your health subscription, you have the possibility of conversing with experienced veterinarians via a free and unlimited online chat accessible from your customer area.

health insurance Dalma has many other advantages: you don’t have to no deductible to payyour coverage conditions are identical abroad and you get a automatic reduction from the second animal (15% discount for any additional animal).

Many costs covered

Without being compulsory, dog and cat health insurance is strongly recommended, because it not only allows you to take care of the well-being of your pet, but also to make serious savings in the event of a problem.

The monthly formula Dalma covers a multitude of treatments. You can thus be reimbursed for a simple veterinary consultation, but also for anesthesia, a clinical stay, a laboratory analysis, medication, etc. The extent of illnesses covered is also vast: cancer, osteoarthritis, herniated disc, allergies, torsion of the stomach, otitis, etc.

The basic subscription of Dalma does not, however, reimburse preventive acts such as vaccination, annual check-up, sterilization, descaling, deworming, etc. All of these treatments are nevertheless included in the “wellness” package an option that complements your insurance and is available without any waiting period.

Competitive rates

The health insurance offered by Dalma is also characterized by its very competitive prices. To start, you don’t have no deductible to paynor other hidden charges (there are, for example, no administration and file fees). The price of your monthly subscription is then personalized and adjustable and it will therefore depend on several factors:

  • The breed of your cat or dog;
  • The age of your pet (from 3 months to 9 years old, knowing that the price of his monthly payment will not increase after he is 8 years old);
  • The choice of coverage rate (the reimbursement rate is between 60 and 80% without the prevention option);
  • The choice of the annual reimbursement ceiling (between €1,000, €1,500 or €2,000);
  • The addition or not of the “Well-being” package to your subscription (i.e. an envelope of €100).

insurance Dalma is 100% transparent and you can find details of fees, guarantees and exclusions on its site. Therefore, do not hesitate any longer and ask now for your free quote on line !

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