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what does insurance have to do with remote assistance?

Juil 10, 2023
what does insurance have to do with remote assistance?

remote assistance

Safety is an important element in everyday life. Protecting loved ones, property and oneself from danger is practically essential. It will be even more important to consider this element with the utmost seriousness when vulnerable people are concerned. Seniors fall into this category. Adopting remote assistance is an excellent initiative. This solution can in particular be covered by mutual insurance companies.

Telecare in a nutshell

The concept of remote assistance was born in 1974. Its main purpose is to be an interesting alternative to avoid the total isolation of the elderly. There remote assistance is a system that uses new technologies to ensure the safety of seniors in the context of home care. In short, it is a remote assistance service that provides the elderly with the means to prevent emergency services in the event of an incident.

Among other things, users will be equipped with remote alarm gadgets in order to give an alert if the situation in which they find themselves poses a risk to their integrity. The senior can in particular make a call via an emergency telephone, or even activate an SOS button on a device to signal to an operator the need for an intervention. Remote assistance was designed to be an aid for the well-being and comfort of seniors in their everyday life.

What to understand about care

In order to benefit from the advantages of remote assistance, it is important to understand the fact that several steps must be followed. First, an assessment of the real needs of the senior must be carried out. This study will make it possible to draw up an initial list of criteria for selecting the ideal remote assistance system. Then, it will be essential to establish good communication with the agency that will have been chosen for the remote assistance. This is essential for a profitable collaboration.

On the other hand, the process of adopting this system to ensure the safety of the elderly person may involve a certain amount of money. Remote assistance can be covered by mutual insurance. An organization of this type, dedicated to seniors, can offer total or partial support for various elements. These can be the subscription to the service or the installation and equipment costs. Users are informed that this privilege may vary depending on:

  • the level of guarantee of the supplementary health insurance,
  • the service chosen within the mutual or insurance company,
  • the type of senior remote assistance service selected.

How does this actually happen?

More concretely, mutual remote assistance represents more than simply bearing the expenses relating to the installation of the remote assistance system. In some cases, the mutual or insurance can go so far as to offer advice or help to better face everyday life. Specific assistance for people with a loss of autonomy can be offered for carrying out administrative procedures and other delicate situations (breakdowns, anxiety, loneliness, etc.).

Finally, additional equipment can also be provided to users. The main purpose of these tools will be to meet even more specific needs such as falls, loss of consciousness and assaults, offenses and cases of theft. In general, mutual remote assistance takes place under the same conditions as conventional remote assistance. During the transmission of the signal to the operator, the procedure often requires the latter to first notify a relative registered on a list of people to contact. This is only valid when the situation is not urgent.

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