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the guarantee of self-employed workers

Juil 10, 2023
the guarantee of self-employed workers

Company mutual insurance is only available to employees. It allows them to cover themselves against various health concerns. Yet there is another class of workers who do not enjoy this advantage at all. These are people who exercise liberal professions. To compensate for this lack, the Madelin law allowed the establishment of the TNS mutual. In this article, learn more about this mutual and its contours.

Presentation of the TNS mutual

Independent professionals are part of the category of workers not covered by health insurance. Indeed, this type of insurance is granted to workers with an employment contract. In other words, people in liberal labor do not have this privilege. Therefore, hospital bills are completely their responsibility.

Dental care, hospitalizations, or medical visits can be costly. Covering such expenses can create a financial deficit. As a self-employed worker, you can change the situation by subscribing to TNS mutual insurance. This alternative is a complementary health eligible for the Madelin law.

Thanks to this insurance, the self-employed benefit from partial or total health care coverage. To best suit all liberal professions, there are different contracts. Each type of contract offers guarantees according to the insurance needs of the worker.

Mutuelle TNS: the different contracts

The TNS mutual is not compulsory. Its membership is voluntary and above all optional. It should be noted that this insurance is group insurance. Therefore, it applies to the whole family. However, the mutual can also be individual.

The TNS family mutual insurance contract

This health contract for the family granted by the TNS mutual insurance company offers coverage for all members of the worker. Regardless of the number of people in the family, the contribution does not vary. On the other hand, the insurance rate is determined by two factors, namely the age of the worker and his region of residence.

By opting for this contract, the principal insured enjoys a tax advantage. Indeed, the TNS family mutual allows you to obtain a tax deduction established by the Madelin law. This subtraction is made on the total sum of the premiums paid. This privilege remains a given, regardless of the number of rights holders. Even if the latter are in other funds of attachment, the self-employed retain their privilege.

The personal TNS mutual insurance contract

Unlike the family health contract, the individual TNS mutual takes into account only one person. In other words, only the self-employed worker will be able to enjoy this contract. Despite this rule, the clauses of this contract allow the addition of close family members. These are the spouse and children. This advantage is not the only one that grants this type of contract.

You have the option of opting for cover that is suitable and suitable for all insured persons. Also, the calculation of the premium to be paid by the main insured takes into account two elements. This is the geographical area and the respective age of each insured. It should be noted that the second condition may constitute a less advantageous factor.

The individual contract of the TNS mutual also grants a tax privilege. However, the tax deduction depends mainly on the side fund of each insured member. For members with no affiliation, the contributions paid will not be deductible. To benefit from a total deduction, the insured must join the RSI or the SSI.

In addition, you should research the eligibility of TNS contracts. This verification is necessary because some TNS mutual insurance contracts are not supported by the Madelin law.

Mutuelle TNS: Who has the right?

As a reminder, be aware that the TNS mutual is aimed at practitioners of liberal professions. These include, among others, craftsmen, self-employed entrepreneurs, and merchants. This rule is not the only one to follow to benefit from the Mutual TNS Madelin. Indeed, the liberal worker must be subject to the BIC or the BNC. He must also be affiliated to the compulsory sickness and old-age scheme of the TNC.

The managers, who are not entitled to a salary, are also concerned by the TNS mutual fund. Whether managers of EURL, SELARL, and SARL, they are entitled to enjoy the Madelin law. Article 62 of the CGI speaks amply about it.

Mutuelle TNS: determination of the mutual premium TNS

To calculate the contribution, several criteria must be followed, namely: age, number of insured persons, level of guarantee, and basic plan. Consultation insurance comparators for TNS will tell you about the different amounts offered on the market. Thanks to this method, you will have an ease in choosing your TNS insurance company.

The guarantees offered by the TNS mutual insurance contract

The guarantees of a TNS mutual are flexible according to the level desired by the insured. You have the possibility to define the guarantees that will suit your requirements. To do this, you need to complete a preliminary task. It is a question of making the state of the needs with precision. The warranties available cover:

  • regular medical expenses covering the purchase of drugs, consultations with specialists, and the purchase of drugs;
  • optical costs used to obtain complex or simple lenses;
  • dental expenses including prosthesis implantation, orthodontics;
  • expenses related to hospitalizations.

The guarantees of the TNS mutual also extend to alternative medicine. With your TNS mutual, you can cover costs related to osteopathy, dietetics, acupuncture, and homeopathy. It is crucial that you know exactly what you need.

Also, you should pay attention to the waiting period. Still called, stage delay, this latency is the duration of application of the guarantees. The most obvious is that of guarantees linked to hospitalizations. Find out about the deadlines imposed before subscribing to TNS mutual insurance. In addition, the waiting period is a determining factor when changing mutual insurance.

In short, the TNS mutual is perfect for the security of self-employed workers. However, it is subject to standards that must be respected. As for the guarantees, they are numerous and are based on the Madelin law.

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