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Take out cancellation insurance for a departure to Australia

Juil 10, 2023
Take out cancellation insurance for a departure to Australia

Subscribing to cancellation insurance is a measure that protects the traveler in the event of an impossibility to travel. Indeed, it may happen that he is forced, because of an unforeseen event, to cancel his trip to Australia, which has already been planned.

In such a case, without insurance, he loses all his booking fees. Subscription to cancellation insurance therefore compensates for the immense loss that can result from giving up a trip that has already been prepared.

Find out all here about the conditions, the procedure and the benefits of taking out cancellation insurance for a trip to Australia.

Subscribe to trip cancellation insurance: What you need to know

Travel cancellation insurance is a partial reimbursement guarantee to which the traveler subscribes with an organization. It allows you to be reimbursed for the expenses incurred for a trip, if for one reason or another, you can no longer make it.

However, certain conditions must be met before you can subscribe to a cancellation insurance :

  • Be under the age of 75;
  • Subscribe to cancellation insurance when booking the flight or at most 48 hours later;
  • Be a resident of the EU during the subscription period;
  • Not having been hospitalized in the last weeks preceding the trip, etc.

It should be noted that only services purchased from tourism professionals are covered by cancellation insurance. These can be travel agencies, airlines, incoming agencies, etc.

If the subscriber does not have the possibility of physically moving to an agency, he can opt for the online subscription procedure. To do this, he goes to the organization’s website, creates an account, fills out the forms and makes the payment.

How cancellation insurance works

The causes taken into account by the contract

The causes covered by cancellation insurance are numerous. However, they must be justified in order to benefit from a refund, the rate of which varies according to the date of cancellation.

The reason for cancellation must be an unexpected event beyond the control of the insured. The causes considered valid for obtaining a refund are:

  • An accident or illness;
  • A loss of papers a few hours before departure (48 hours generally);
  • The death of a loved one;
  • A natural disaster or a serious attack in the country of destination;
  • Serious damage occurring at the home of the insured;
  • A modification or deletion of leave;
  • A dismissal;

For the cancellation to be effective, it must be justified, with supporting documents.

The costs for the insured

The fees applied vary depending on the organization. They are generally between 3 and 6% of the total amount of the reservation.

It should be noted that a late cancellation without insurance can be excessively expensive for the insured. Indeed, from 30 days before the trip, reimbursement rates in the event of cancellation become very low.

Cancellation fees can cost up to 100% of the total booking amount. It is therefore important to take out cancellation insurance for a departure to Australia.

find in This article indications for evaluating the cost of cancellation insurance.

The ceiling and the reimbursement procedure

The procedure for being reimbursed consists of informing the organization of the cancellation of the trip and providing a compensation file with all the supporting documents requested.

The insurance company then calculates the costs taking into account the general reimbursement conditions. It should be noted that the reimbursement ceiling is generally €8,000 per person and €40,000 per event.

More details are provided here on the operation of cancellation insurance.

All in all, taking out insurance is an ideal solution for protection in the event of cancellation of a trip to Australia. However, care must be taken to find an organization that provides the best services with advantageous insurance conditions.

For this, before taking out cancellation insurance for a departure to Australia, it may be wise to select several organizations and compare their insurance policies.

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