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Real estate investment: where to invest in France

Juil 10, 2023
Real estate investment: where to invest in France

Investing in real estate is a powerful way to earn additional income. And it allows you to effectively prepare for your retirement. But whatever the objective, the choice of the city is a decisive criterion in the realization of the project. Indeed, it is essential to invest in an agglomeration where the real estate health presents good prospects. It is a guarantee for the success of the investment. To help you, here is a list of the 5 best cities in France to launch a real estate investment project.


Nantes is the leading French city in the agri-food sector. She holds the 2e world place in the financial field, and constitutes the 2e French aeronautical pole. The city thus attracts many companies of all sizes, in addition to the 61,000 companies it is home to. At the same time, it is home to nearly 320,000 inhabitants, with a low unemployment rate of 6.3%.

Two hours from Paris by TGV, Nantes is also close to the Atlantic coast and the sea. To say that it is very popular with people looking to enjoy a calm and quality life. Then, the city now has several projects underway to bring about significant change at all levels. On the transport side, for example, the city is booming thanks to the project to bring 3 new tram lines into service. As you will have understood, Nantes is an ideal city for profitable investment in real estate. It presents all the advantages of a successful investment.


For several years, Bordeaux has been on the rise with investors and tenants. And for good reason, it is a city where the real estate market continues to develop, with incomparable profitability.

Indeed, the Gironde capital offers a superior quality of life, with an ideal geographical location. It is only 2 hours from Paris by train, and 30 minutes from the coast. Its mild climate attracts more and more new inhabitants. Then, it is a city very rich in architecture, gastronomy and culture. Bordeaux is not lacking in attractions, which makes it a safe bet for investors.

The price of real estate there has seen a spectacular rise, with a rate of 64% in 10 years. The city is also benefiting from exceptional demographic growth, offering great promise in the rental sector. In the same way, the monthly price of a rent undergoes positive changes from year to year. And the gross rental profitability could surprise you in a few years.

These are all factors that make Bordeaux an ideal city for investing in real estate. Especially since there are many companies specializing in management of your property. With these professionals in Bordeaux, your property will be able to gain in value over the years and will ensure a significant capital gain on resale.


Being the world capital of aeronautics, Toulouse is a perfect city for a real estate investment. It offers a very rich employment pool, attracting more and more senior executives. Business creators see it as a great opportunity in many sectors such as space, health and cosmetics. And it benefits from a student population representing a quarter of the overall population. Moreover, Toulouse is classified as the 3e university city of France. To top it off, it is an important tourist site with more than 5 million visitors each year. So many reasons to choose it as a pole for your real estate investment.


If you want to ensure a substantial rental return, Marseille is to be preferred. With low real estate prices and high gross profitability, it will make your project a success. This city displays, in 2021, a much lower price than in several other cities. On the other hand, his monthly rent is constantly increasing. This makes it particularly conducive to heritage investment.

In addition, the Marseille city attracts many tenants every year. Its ideal climate, its quality of life and its exceptional natural setting are attracting more and more migrants. This is why it has a very strong rental demand.


Admittedly, real estate in Paris is particularly reserved for investors with a large budget. But the city remains a real El Dorado for making a secure long-term investment in heritage. Indeed, prices are constantly increasing, and over the years, your property will undoubtedly gain a lot of value. In the same way, the average monthly rent rate is also gradually increasing. This makes it possible to gain a certain rental profitability.

The French capital also enjoys several attractions that appeal to different types of tenants. International students, young professionals and executives come in large numbers each year to live there. The rental demand is thus very strong there, which guarantees you zero rental vacancy.

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