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Everything you need to know before subscribing!

Juil 10, 2023
Everything you need to know before subscribing!

Health insurance

Complementary health, mutual insurance, occupational health insurance… To take out the health insurance that best suits their needs, the future insured must take into account a certain number of criteria depending on their usual health expenses and their profile. It can be difficult to navigate among the wide range of health insurance offers: it is therefore important to take into account a certain amount of information before committing.

How can the different offers best be compared?

Depending on the profile of the individual wishing to take out insurance, thehealth insurance will not be the same. Depending on the one-off or regular treatments, the frequency of medical appointments, the possibility of hospitalization, we will look for a more or less covering offer. The future insured must therefore focus on the level of cover he wishes before comparing the prices of the offers. In order to find the offer that best suits their profile and budget, they can also contact a specialist, such as an insurance broker for example: for the same level of cover, prices can vary significantly. The broker-specialist will be in a better position to find the most advantageous offer with his client.

Can Social Security be used as health insurance?

If the Social Security reimburses a part of certain health care, there are some that are little or not reimbursed. People with specific needs, for example those who wear glasses or contact lenses or those who need dental appliances, can, in their search for complementary health insurance, be particularly attentive to the management of these expenses. . And in the same way, the insured will study with precision the reimbursement of the health costs to which he attaches importance (hospitalization costs for example).

Depending on the health insurance chosen and the levels of cover chosen, its level of coverage will be higher or lower. During his life, the insured may have new needs (changes in sight, etc.) which make more comprehensive health insurance necessary. Before subscribing to their insurance, the individual must therefore dwell on the possibilities of evolution of the latter, in order to be able to change the level of cover during their life if necessary.

Health insurance

Are there health insurances adapted to the profiles?

Insurance contracts adapt not only to the needs of people who want to be insured, but also to the characteristics of their profile.

Thus, for policyholders wishing support for their children, or for those who plan to start a family, there are suitable insurance contracts. Before taking out health insurance, it will be necessary to compare the most advantageous offers offering coverage for several people.

There are also formulas adapted for people over fifty.

To find the best contract, it is therefore not enough to consider your needs: you must also specify your profile.

Employee, unemployed, student, head of household, senior, etc. : good insurance is insurance that guides you in finding the contract that best suits your needs and your profile.

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