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coverage for the whole family

Juil 10, 2023
coverage for the whole family

Mutual health

Nowadays, health-related expenses are more and more expensive between drugs, hospitalizations, rehabilitation sessions, etc. while reimbursements by social security are experiencing a significant drop. The insured is often obliged to pay or complete charges that are not fully covered by this insurance. Subscription to mutual health insurance is therefore necessary to reduce health expenses, improve general well-being and ensure comfort.

The basic guarantees essential to a mutual health insurance

Health care needs differ from person to person: a child does not have the same needs as a young adult or a senior. The majority of mutual health insurance therefore have offers of guarantees according to age groups. In this sense, the use of a comparator such as allows you to choose the essential guarantees for your mutual insurance company. However, 4 basic guarantees are essential for all people of all ages:

  1. Reimbursements for routine medical care, which includes doctor’s consultation fees, medication, analyses, radiology, physiotherapists, etc.
  2. Coverage of hospitalization costs, which include all costs incurred, such as the fees of nursing staff: (anaesthetist, surgeon, nurses, etc.), accommodation costs, medication, analyzes or x-rays, and medical transport costs such as VSL, ambulance, etc.
  3. Reimbursements for dental expenses, to cover all dental care, including crowns, implants and bridges among others.
  4. Optical care, which mainly concerns the cost of glasses, frames, contact lenses, etc.

In addition to these 4 basic options, several mutual health insurance companies offer more extensive coverage, depending on the age of the insured.

The guarantees of the mutual health insurance for seniors

Beyond the age of 55, health-related expenses increase more and more. At this age, the insured is exposed to several risks. An elderly person is usually forced to go to the doctor or even to the hospital more often than a young person. THE health problems multiply such as dental problems, sight, hearing, etc. It is therefore necessary to subscribe to a mutual health insurance which can cover the costs related to these problems.

In addition to the reimbursement of medical care, hospitalization, dental and optical costs, some senior mutuals offer other options that can supplement social security benefits, such as:

  • The costs of the single room and the company in the event of hospitalization;
  • Alternative medicine treatments such as herbal medicine, sophrology, etc.
  • Home assistance following hospitalization or an accident.
  • Coverage of certain necessary surgeries such as corrective eye surgery, in particular cataract surgery which is very common at this age.

Without forgetting reinforced guarantees on glasses, dental (prosthesis, root implant, periodontics, orthodontics) not reimbursed by social security, hearing and bone densitometry.

Mutual health

The guarantees of the mutual health insurance for children and young people

For a child:

Children sometimes need care for common childhood illnesses, vaccinations, dental care or other health issues. It is therefore recommended to subscribe to a mutual health insurance adapted to your needs, with guarantees such as:

  • The costs of certain vaccines not reimbursed by social security;
  • Hospitalization costs.

For children who do not have a sight problem, it is recommended to remove the Optical option which is not part of their health needs, especially since it is expensive.

For teenagers and young people:

Having special health needs, the majority of young people need mutual health insurance that covers:

  • Travel vaccines especially for lovers of high-risk destinations;
  • Costs of tobacco cessation treatments;
  • Contraception costs which include the cost of the pill, IUD, etc.

Finally, orthodontics, which is not covered by social security from the age of 16, is also part of the essential guarantees.

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