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Compulsory insurance for health professionals

Juil 10, 2023
Assurances obligatoires professionnels de santé

Mandatory health professional insurance

Subscribing to insurance allows health professionals to remain covered within the framework of their exercises. The sector of activity could be exposed to various risks on a daily basis. Proven professional misconduct leads to colossal damages. Discover the techniques to protect yourself against possible harm.

Continuous improvement of medical skills

Healthcare professionals encompass a variety of occupations. Referring to the public health code or CSP, doctors belong to the category just like midwives and odontologists. You also join the group if your activity revolves around auxiliary professions (nurses, physiotherapists, etc.).

Finally, there are the pharmacists. The common point between the specialists lies in the fact that they will have to be insured with the help of insurance. The measure was introduced by Law No. 2002-303 of March 4, 2002. Here, two contingencies may arise depending on the professional situation.

In case they integrate an establishment, it is then the employer who covers the risks. On the other hand, by opening a practice, they automatically acquire the status of liberal worker. They will have to contact an insurer themselves and sign a contract. Apart from insurance, CPD training is also essential for health professionals. It aims to minimize the harm doctors do to patients through continuous training, which will help preserve medical knowledge and even deepen it. It is carried out every three years in a binding manner. It can be done face-to-face or remotely.

RC civil liability

RC liability insurance is an obligation for health professionals. It protects professionals against damage to third parties. It does not only cover patients, but also the operating site (private practice, clinic or hospital, etc.).

The formula supports the following circumstances. The intervention of a surgeon, for example, caused a handicap to his patient. Proof will be requested and investigations to understand the facts will be carried out. Indeed, an employer can discharge himself of all responsibility for the act when the fault is intentional.

Other situations disengage the employer’s liability vis-à-vis the patients, such as fault detachable from the service when you work in a public establishment. In a private establishment, it is necessary to speak of fault of function. Here, the gap is exceptionally serious. The service is then dissociated from the wrongdoing. The employer is only concerned during the care operations provided inside his premises. This is particularly the case after free care during the rescue of a person in distress on the public highway.

Diagnostic errors still lead to the acknowledgment of a compensation. Even the handicaps of an undetected fetus during a pregnancy are attributable to the establishment or the gynecologist. Care errors are also considered harm.
When the operating building is not maintained, it could lead to accidents. A person at the venue could slip on the stairs or in an extreme incident a roof could fall on a visitor.

Optional guarantees

Optional guarantees can be of three types. They affect the physical, financial and material aspects. The premises use various materials such as scanners, computers, ambulances, etc. In other words, all the tools necessary to perform the function. They will be covered against theft, vandalism, glass breakage and electrical damage. Unfortunately, RC pro insurance does not protect its various points. To guarantee the sustainability of the activity, you must think about local guarantees and professional goods.

Optional guarantees can be negotiated with the insurer before the endorsement is put in place. They will be subject to additional invoicing in addition to the sums involved in the RC pro insurance. To choose the insurance adapted to your situation, it is useful to ask a few questions, in particular about legal protection.

During a dispute with a patient, healthcare professionals benefit from legal or financial assistance when the case is criminal in nature. Financial protections are optional, but recommended to ensure the continuity of the exercise. The adoption of private unemployment insurance is, for example, a good solution, as is complementary health insurance.

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