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A real estate loan to carry out your construction project

Juil 10, 2023
A real estate loan to carry out your construction project

Want to build a house? Are there financing solutions, including mortgages, to carry out your projects?

The realization of a real estate project can cost a lot of money. Whether it is for the acquisition of real estate, the construction of housing or its renovation or the purchase of land, it is possible to find a mortgage to finance your project. To find a loan based on your profile, using a credit simulator seems to be the right option. What to know about real estate loans? Why use a simulator to find your mortgage?

Use a simulator to find your mortgage

The use of a real estate credit simulator allows you to quickly determine the total cost of your credit, the amount of your monthly payment or the repayment period of your loan. So many tools necessary to prepare your acquisition. By going through a real estate loan broker such as La Centrale de Financement, the online feasibility request allows you to simulate your real estate project and obtain the best rates negotiated for you. In reality, the credit simulator allows you to save time when looking for a credit offer. Once you fill in the necessary information in the simulation form, launch the search and you will find offers that suit you in a few minutes.

In addition, most credit simulators are free and without obligation. They allow you to find credit offers at the best rates on the market. The simulator also allows you to have an idea of ​​the different monthly payments you will have to pay, the rates applied and the total cost of the mortgage. If you want to find a mortgage in record time that suits your budget and your profile, use a credit simulator.

How to optimize your chances of obtaining a mortgage?

If there are many credit offers from banks and financial institutions, the conditions for obtaining them are complicated. This is why it is important to have all the chances on your side to quickly obtain a loan adapted to your profile. First, you must have a fairly substantial personal contribution to find a mortgage more easily. As a second criterion, you must have a stable professional situation. In other words, a person who has worked for several years and who has a CDI contract is a credible and more solvent borrower. In addition, it is important to build a solid credit file to easily obtain a home loan.

Most often, it is advisable to go through the services of a real estate broker to set up a mortgage file. Having a good financial situation, that is to say not having overdrafts and not having credits in progress are favorable conditions for obtaining a mortgage. Controlling your debt ratio is also an important criterion for obtaining a mortgage.

Find and sign a borrower insurance contract

When you decide to find a mortgage, you will be required to sign a borrower insurance contract. Although it is not a legal obligation, banks and financial institutions require this of their customers. Borrower insurance is a guarantee for the bank and for the borrower, ensuring the payment of monthly payments, even if there are claims. There are two types of borrower insurance: group insurance and delegation insurance. All the banks offer their customers shared insurance contracts at generally lower prices.

However, these contracts are not personalized and do not necessarily meet customer needs. Thus, you have the possibility of opting for a delegation insurance contract with more personalized guarantee options, meeting the needs of the insured. By going through a broker, you can also find a borrower insurance contract that best suits your profile and find a mortgage loan contract.

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