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the keys to choosing well

Juil 10, 2023
the keys to choosing well

Faced with the plurality of offers, a life insurance simulation remains the best way to anticipate the capital in life insurance that you will benefit from at the end of an insurance contract. Similarly, in choosing your life insurance broker, you must put the odds on your side by relying on certain criteria inherent in the selection of your brokerage partner. We break it all down in this article.

Life insurance: let’s talk about it!

This term designates the subscription with an insurer with an interest rate of a kind of savings by an individual called insured. In this regard, to choose the most advantageous offer, the services of an expert are necessary. Regarding a life insurance simulationit intervenes when this insurance is part of the growth of funds such as a real estate investment for example.

Indeed, in some countries such as France, life insurance is more of a death insurance contract, only the capital of which is paid to the beneficiaries in the event of the death of the insured before the expiry date. In the event of the life of the subscriber, the latter obtains the reimbursement of the various premiums paid during the course of the contract in addition to the technical interests previously provided for.

At the end, the insured has a savings product with clearly defined tax advantages. Also, it is possible to redeem your contract before maturity without a life insurance simulation.

The need for simulation in life insurance

The simulation makes it possible to define the criteria for referencing personalized contracts. In other words, via the life insurance broker, it helps to simulate an investment relating to an insurance contract according to your objectives. These objectives that you should keep your brokerage partner informed of can be the following:

  • the valuation of your savings;
  • the constitution with interest rate of a capital in order to invest;
  • the collection of regular income such as life annuities or redemption.

The expert, depending on the objective chosen during the life insurance simulation, will present to you in the form of graphs or tables the results which will be used to monitor the evolution of your savings as well as its tax impacts. For this, it is wise to clarify its choices on the legal level. For this purpose, visit the blog Ecolaw.

The broker: how to make the best choice?

The broker can be an independent professional just as it can be a company with several professionals. Due to the important role of professional advice and guidance in the profitability of your savings, choose one that offers all the guarantees of proven know-how.

Apart from the proven qualities that the latter must have to guarantee you a credible life insurance simulation, it is just as useful to know some tips inherent in a judicious choice of it. Thus, as we have already mentioned, the life insurance broker can be a bank that you choose from among the classics or even an online bank.

On the other hand, you can rely on an independent brokerage partner. Everything is possible, especially since it is quite common to be confronted with a remarkable similarity rate between offers. Only, relative to the bank, it is true that it can offer, through its expert, very good investment plans as well as a good life insurance simulation, but these services are often very expensive.

It is therefore forced to manage thousands of customers, which can affect the quality of service. On the other hand, an independent broker knows the name and the financial background of his client and is thus closer to him where he is only a number for the bank. Better, eager to be known on the financial market, he will charge affordable and attractive prices to keep you.

Other solutions to discover heresuch as the use of an automated financial advisor exist.

Ultimately, the pre-contract simulation is necessary to avoid missing out on your investment. As much, find a good broker, able to make you relevant proposals, by taking into account certain important criteria.

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