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how to appoint an independent consultant?

Juil 10, 2023
how to appoint an independent consultant?

Life insurance is a multi-faceted product and must correspond to the subscriber’s real needs. As a savings product, it requires great professionalism and management skills from the manager. Contracts are diverse in form and in their intended purposes. The computer consultant in life insurance intervenes to perfect all the administrative and legal procedures allowing the dispensation of an interesting life insurance.

The independent life insurance consultant for optimal and successful management

The freelance life insurance consultant positions himself as an expert in setting up and managing the savings product that is life insurance. This product takes various forms. Customers choose this type of savings for retirement, to obtain capital or an annuity after a few years of payment of contributions or even for the transfer of assets, for example.

A good life insurance will be the one that achieves its purpose. The formalities are different depending on each customer’s definition of the usefulness of their savings product.

The independent life insurance consultant will also help you define the clauses for each type of contract chosen. He is able to clearly explain the advantages and constraints of each type of contract (euro contract, unit-linked contract, etc.) but also the beneficiary clauses and the various characteristics that make up your contract.

The IT consultant in life insurance guides in the new strategies allowing the automation of the management of the accounts and contracts. These strategies can go through the digitization of the system.

A good consultant must have general computer knowledge, be comfortable with computer tools such as databases and PMO (Project Management Office), understand the challenges of the insurance sector or know how to drive meetings.

Companies expect from a life insurance consultant, an analytical mind to define specifications and editorial skills to write them. His analytical mind will allow him to provide key elements to his management. Knowing how to be concise and how to schematize technical subjects are also assets for this professional.

It should indeed be known that many experts and IT consultants in life insurance prefer to practice as a self-employed person and others are employees within ESN.

During one of his assignments, the freelance professional will work on site with the end client, he will have no choice over his working hours and must respect the schedules imposed by his client.

How to find consultant assignments?

You are an independent consultant specializing in insurance and you wish to find missions adapted to your needs. To do this, communication on the web is important. The use of a website presenting your skills and professional social networks can be assets. It is still necessary to remain pro-active and to master them well. pioneer in the uberization of software houses, therefore created the concept of ESNI or Innovative Digital Services Companies. This concept consists of the creation of a professional online platform with independent IT consultants, experts in many sectors of activity such as insurance, finance, banking, etc.

The platform then presents many missions corresponding to the skills of the freelancers registered on this platform. These highlight their know-how and experience and clients contact LeHibou to tell them that they are interested in a registered consultant. This platform is positioned as a simple linking intermediary. It is up to the end customer to choose with which IT freelancer in life insurance he wishes to collaborate.

Throughout this process, the platform takes care of administrative procedures, invoicing, mission follow-up, the sourcing and qualification phase and others, so that professionals can focus on their collaboration.

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