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Good to know for starting a micro-nursery

Juil 10, 2023
Good to know for starting a micro-nursery

In the child care industry, safety is important. When you embark on a private daycare project, it is important to have good insurance. Parents do not wish to place their children in a private micro-crèche which does not have an adequate guarantee. Here are some tips for choosing the right insurance for your private daycare.

The Civil Liability of the private micro-nursery

The first thing to do when you open a private micro-nursery is to notify your insurer. It should be informed that there will now be a professional activity at your home. You should know that professional activities are not included in the home insurance contract. It is important to know whether or not your insurer can cover the daycare you are going to open. If your insurance contract does not have an extension to insure child care centres, it is necessary to take out civil liability insurance. The latter makes it possible to insure the children and in particular the staff. Civil liability insurance for crèches can cover the loss of operation of the childcare center in the event of a claim. On the other hand, it covers damage to the building as well as Professional Civil Liability. Indeed, it happens that professional misconduct causes damage to children for lack of supervision, for example. In this case, the insurance covers the compensation of the victim.

Additional insurance options

You can take advantage of various options once your insurer agrees to insure your private micro-crèche. It is possible to take out an extension of Civil Liability. The idea is to stay covered when parents sue you for injuries at daycare. An extension of professional liability guarantee may also be essential. This allows you to remain covered in the event of an omission or error during childcare. Indeed, to err is human. A home worker package is also required. It allows you to extend the content that you can use for your professional activity. Toys are considered personal property as they are essential for entertaining children. Specifically, anything you need to use to run your daycare business is considered business property and should be limited by your insurance policy. private micro-nursery.

Help from an insurance broker

Finding the perfect insurance for your new private micro-nursery project is not always easy. There are so many possibilities, that it has become more or less complicated to make the right choice. Especially since it is necessary to take into account many elements when you want to provide a family daycare. It is always recommended to consult an insurance broker to know everything about the essential guarantees for a mini nursery of children. This professional has the information you need to carry out your activity according to the rules of the art. It helps you make the right choice so you can get the most out of your childcare facility.

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