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What is the benefit of subscribing to the 3rd Swiss Pillar?

Juil 10, 2023
What is the benefit of subscribing to the 3rd Swiss Pillar?

Faced with the diversity of savings products, you hesitate to go to the 3th Swiss pillar. Yet it is an investment solution with advantages at hand for all investor profiles. To avoid unanswered questions during your subscription, we present to you in detail what a 3th Swiss pillar.

3th Swiss Pillar: an advantageous means of saving

THE 3th Swiss pillar is the third form of the Swiss Pillar. This is probably the most complete way of saving compared to the other two. This solution entitles you to many advantages. As an advantage, the 3th Pillar guarantees you a retirement without any money worries. You will take advantage of your last years on Earth to enjoy life, take rest, spend time with your loved ones, without complaining of great financial difficulty. You even have the option of applying for early retirement. Thanks to your contributions, you will lead a stable retirement life because you will receive around 80% of your income. Besides that, this savings solution is also tax-efficient. Your invested amounts will be deductible from your income and you will therefore pay less tax each year. This will provide you with significant tax savings. Finally, with the 3th Pillar, you will be able to develop your future projects and protect your family from needs in the event of disability and death.

The other advantages of 3th Swiss pillar

In addition to maintaining a good standard of living during retirement and secure your familya placement on the 3th Pillar Switzerland also allows you to build up significant capital. This will give you the opportunity to realize your dream of owning a property. Your savings amounts will then serve as a personal contribution to speed up your access to a mortgage. For the other advantage, the 3th Pillar Switzerland also gives you the chance to live abroad. So, all you have to do is withdraw your capital from your account and use it to realize your dream. But the conditions and benefits still differ from one type to another. It should indeed be specified that the 3th Pillar Suisse exists in two types: the linked 3A and the free 3B. It is then necessary to know how to make the difference between them and to choose the offer which corresponds best to your current situation and your future projects.

The linked 3A and the free 3B: the points of difference

The two forms of 3th Pillar Switzerland differ from each other in terms of taxation, clauses and payment limits as well as the duration of the contract. It will therefore depend on your savings goal. The linked 3A is advantageous insofar as you want to save for your retirement, to move abroad or to own a house. It therefore meets all types of needs. It also allows you to save up to 2,500 francs on your taxes. The more capital you build up over the long term, the more you will benefit from even more attractive tax advantages. The 3B also offers you the same advantages except that it provides you with much more flexible withdrawal conditions. However, with this type of 3th Swiss pillar, you will not be able to make tax deductions if you live outside the cantons of Friborg and Geneva.

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