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What does legal protection insurance include?

Juil 10, 2023
What does legal protection insurance include?

A neighborhood dispute, a dispute with a merchant, a bank, a travel agency, etc., is generally not easy to manage when you are not familiar with civil and/or criminal procedures. This is why the use of a lawyer is often necessary but it has a cost. To protect against these risks, take out insurance offering a “ juridic protection is a precaution allowing you to benefit from legal advice and the assistance of a lawyer in legal proceedings.

How do I take out legal protection insurance?

“Legal protection” insurance can be taken out directly by a specific contract with an insurer. It can be done online or by going to an agency of an insurer. In this case, the clauses specifying this guarantee are very explicit with, possibly, exclusion clauses, as for all insurance contracts. This being said, this legal protection may already be integrated into usual insurance contracts of a compulsory nature. This is often the case for car insurance contracts and home contracts. These are additional clauses to the main object of the contract or in its field of application. Thus, if a “legal protection” clause is included in a housing contract, it may be limited to any conflicts related to housing, which means, for example, that a dispute with a merchant will not be covered by this clause, in the case of an automobile insurance contract, this additional clause will be limited to conflicts, excluding claims, related to the use of your vehicle. It should be noted that certain contracts which are not the basis of insurance contracts may offer this guarantee. Thus, some bank cards include this insurance service in their functionalities.

The types of intervention of this guarantee.

“Legal protection” insurance generally covers:

– Legal advice and information

– Fees of a lawyer

– Expert fees

– Costs of court proceedings.

Depending on the type of contract, you can freely choose your lawyer or the lawyer involved will be appointed by the insurance company.

However, you should know that, as with all insurance contracts, certain limits are often provided. Generally, they relate to:

– Limit, for example, to certain only civil and non-criminal procedures

– Exclusion of disputes with an amount below a threshold

– Setting a financial ceiling for insurance intervention

– Ceiling on the amount of attorney’s fees

– Territorial limit, for example, metropolitan France.

In general, this type of protection makes it possible, at all times, to obtain legal information on all subjects related to this insurance, even outside of all procedural commitments, and can offer you amicable solutions for all conflicts. born with a third party. This guarantee also offers assistance if you are “attacked” in court in order to be represented by a lawyer mandated by the insurance company or that you freely choose. In addition, your insurer may also, on your behalf, take legal action if you have suffered damage from a third party.

A common sense anticipation.

Nobody wants to be involved in a conflict with a third party and in proceedings, but experience shows that this type of problem is common and is both anxiety-provoking when you are not assisted and can be very expensive if one makes the choice to defend oneself alone, or to have to face the total cost of a procedure. Taking out “legal protection” insurance is therefore a common sense precaution, the cost of which is generally very affordable for all budgets.

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