Alexa Seleno

The CFE: the miracle solution for Europeans?

Juil 14, 2023

As indicated by the zone reimbursement schedule above, theThe refund is not 100% expenses you will therefore have a remainder to pay. In the case of hospitalization, in the best case, 67% in countries in zone 1, such as Cambodia or Togo and in the worst, 19% in countries in zone 5, such as the USA or Hong Kong For example.

It is too little to be considered as an optimal insurance, being able to deal with any eventuality. Take the case of hospitalization in Hong Kong, one of the best equipped countries in the world but also one of the most expensive. Hospitalization can cost an average of €12,000 and the CFE will only reimburse you 19% of this sum, i.e. €2,280.

The main role of a complementary CFE is therefore to cover the difference between the amount of the invoice and the reimbursement made by the CFE.

This allows you to have full insurance to cover your health costs.

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