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Real estate diagnosis Compulsory gas to sell or rent

Juil 10, 2023
Real estate diagnosis Compulsory gas to sell or rent

With the gas diagnosis, it is possible to know the state of all the gas installations inside a house or a dwelling. This document can only concern an installation more than 15 years old. Despite its widespread use around the world and its ecological contributions, gas has many drawbacks, hence the importance of carrying out such a diagnosis.

The importance of gas diagnosis

The diagnosis real estate gas gives the possibility to a person to detect the risks attached to the equipment and devices inside a house or an apartment. This will enable it to take the necessary measures to reduce these risks. A recent survey reports 6,000 annual victims of carbon monoxide poisoning in France. This is the reason why the diagnosis of gas installations is imposed both in the context of a sales contract and a rental contract.

For the sale, the owner is obliged to provide the other party (the buyer among others) with proof of the expert who has assessed the condition of the gas installation located in the house placed on sale. This proof is called “gas diagnosis” and is valid for 3 years.

A renewal must therefore be made at the end of this period. Be aware, however, that the obligation only relates to an installation that is more than 15 years old. If the owner does not do so, he will not be able to benefit from a reduction in the guarantee against hidden defects.

It is true that the obligation is not of a legal and regulatory nature, however, the owner’s liability may be engaged if there is a loss occurring damaging the property of the tenant or that he himself has suffered. Thus, a gas diagnosis for the rental is also a requirement.

It’s only been 1er January 2018 that the gas diagnosis has been extended to all rental contracts (both houses and apartments) for installations that are 15 years old or more. The validity date, meanwhile, is 6 years in the context of a rental.

How does it work ?

intervention a real estate diagnostics company with certified diagnosticians by a COFRAC-accredited organization is necessary for the establishment of a diagnosis of the gas installation. To do this, he will first carry out a general check of the interior installations both in the private areas and in their outbuildings.

Its intervention revolves around three main axes, namely:

  • checking the condition of fixed equipment for heating, hot water production and other equipment using a heat engine running on gas
  • analysis of the quality of the fixed gas supply pipes and their annexes
  • expertise on the quality of aeration and ventilation of places that include gas appliances

After completing his various tasks, he draws up a written statement of the gas installations in the residence by entering data on the importance or otherwise of the risks in this area.

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