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Pink October: what is it?

Juil 15, 2023
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breast cancer pink ribbon

Pink October: what is it?

It was in the early 1990s in the United States, at the initiative of Evelyn Lauder, an icon in the world of cosmetics suffering from this disease, that the Pink October movement was created. She also founded the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The English equivalent is the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Since every year for 26 years, Pink October has been the month dedicated to the fight against breast cancer.

From October 1 to 31, health professionals, NGOs and associations are gathered around the world around information on breast cancer screening. Gatherings like races, auctions, bra drives and other events are held. All this with the aim of raising funds for the benefit of medical and scientific research.

All of the funds raised during this period are entirely donated to associations that help and support people with cancer as well as to research.

Free or reduced-price screening campaigns are also offered around the world.

The story of the pink ribbon

Inspired by the red ribbon of the fight against AIDS, Alexandra Penney, editor-in-chief of Self magazine, imagines a pink ribbon to designate the fight against breast cancer.

Evelyn Lauder, vice president of the Estée Lauder company, goes one better by putting pink ribbons in all of the brand’s stores.

Today, the pink ribbon is the international symbol of the fight against breast cancer. Wearing a pink ribbon makes it possible to mark one’s commitment to the fight against breast cancer and one’s solidarity with patients.

Dates of Pink October 2020

October 1 to Saturday October 31.

For a month, many events are organized for the benefit of medical and scientific research.

The Odyssea race

Every year and all over the world, a race in favor of the Odyssea association is organised. Over several kilometres, this race shows the commitment of the participants and their supporters. The race can also be done online. Registration is chargeable, all funds are donated to associations fighting against breast cancer.

How to make a donation ?

It is possible to participate in various paid events around the world, but it is also possible to make a donation directly online.

In addition, many solidarity brands offer limited editions and original objects with revisited packaging. Part of the profits are donated to associations and research.

I am an expatriate does my insurance cover breast cancer?

Generally yes. But it is better to be careful and check if your coverage takes care of this kind of pathology. Also pay attention to the ceilings of your coverage. Cancer is a disease that requires significant care that is often extremely expensive. Note that some insurers agree to reimburse only one major illness, so it will be impossible to be covered in the event of a relapse.

It is advisable to turn to high-end insurance allowing high reimbursements.

How to find this high-end insurance?

The easiest way is of course to compare all the offers one by one, but not an insurance professional who wants to. The loss of time will be considerable.

To help you in this process, calling on a broker is often the most advantageous solution, because he can provide you with sound and free advice to direct you to the right insurance.

They are indeed professionals always in contact with high-end insurance companies who know the services and qualities of each company.

Our team of experts can help you with this process, and help you find the perfect insurance for your needs.

Why choose high-end international insurance? You can also consult our article which lists the qualities of good insurance here

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