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Pediatric emergency in Shanghai: What to do?

Juil 15, 2023
Urgence pédiatre Shanghai

Pediatric emergency Shanghai

Pediatric emergency in Shanghai: What to do?

Step 1: Prepare before the emergency

What to do in a pediatric emergency in Shanghai? It’s important to have your child’s information on hand in case of a medical emergency. If you need to take your child to the hospital, bring this sheet with all the important information:

Important numbers:

Police: 110 Fire: 119 Ambulance: 120

Child Information (孩子的信息)

Child’s name (孩子的名字):______________________

Child’s date of birth (孩子的生日):______________________

Child’s passport number (孩子的护照):______________________

Blood group (孩子的血型):______________________

Known allergies (过敏史):______________________

Health Insurance (健康保险):______________________

Policy number (保单号码):______________________

Telephone number (电话号码): ______________________

Mother’s information (妈妈的信息)

Mother’s name (妈妈的名字):______________________

Mother’s mobile number (妈妈的手机号):______________________

Other contact way (其他联络方式):______________________

Father’s information (爸爸的信息)

Father’s name (爸爸的名字):______________________

Father’s mobile number (爸爸的手机号):______________________

Other contact way (其他联络方式):______________________

Remember to bring the following documents:

Child’s insurance card

child’s passport

Remember to have different means of payment, in fact some hospitals do not accept foreign bank cards. Having a Chinese card when you arrive in China can therefore be useful. It is also recommended to have cash at home, around 20,000 RMB, as some hospitals will require cash deposits.

Step 2: Choose the right hospital in Shanghai

Foreign hospitals do not have the licenses to be able to take care of certain cases. Life-saving pediatric emergencies will only be treated at Shanghai Children’s Hospital. This is why we are going to focus on this hospital because it fulfills all the conditions below:

  • Tier 1 Hospital (Grade A Tier 3)
  • Full Service
  • Treatment of pediatric trauma
  • No delay in processing if you can demonstrate your solvency

ATTENTION, please note that only one of its two locations has a pediatric emergency department:

Shanghai Children’s Hospital (Shanghai Children’s Hospital)


Luding Road Hospital

Address: 355, Luding Road (near Tongpu Road), Putuo District, Shanghai

Also has a VIP clinic for non-emergency cases, open from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Beijing Road Hospital

Address: 1400 Beijing West Road (near Tongren Road), Jing’An District, Puxi, Shanghai

No longer has an emergency department (since July 1, 2014) 2014

Main hospital phone number: (021) 6247-4880

Step 3: Go to the hospital

In Shanghai, ambulances are managed by private companies. So you have to pay ambulance fees once you arrive at the hospital, between 100 and 200 RMB in cash. However, ambulances are known to be late and have poor service. If the injury is not serious, it is recommended to choose a taxi instead to go to the hospital.

Ambulance call number: 120 (remember to prepare payment in advance)

Step 4: What to do in the hospital

Go directly to the emergency department located on the ground floor with the “Emergency” sign. Check in with the triage nurse, who will determine if your child’s situation is urgent or not. She may ask you to pay before seeing a doctor. If you show that you can afford the full treatment, the hospital will start treatment immediately. You may also be required to pay a deposit, between 5,000 and 10,000 RMB, or even more depending on your child’s situation.

Pay the treatment

Shanghai Children’s Hospital accepts the following payment methods:

  • Chinese credit or debit card (Union Pay)
  • Species
  • Assurance

* Foreign bank cards are not accepted in this hospital.

The insurance companies having a direct link with the Shanghai Children’s Hospital are (non-exhaustive list):

  • Webbe
  • MediLink
  • Cigna
  • MSH
  • BUPA
  • AXA

For more information on the insurance to choose for your child, you can contact us here.

More information to prepare for any type of emergency in Shanghai here.

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