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how much does this coverage cost?

Juil 10, 2023
how much does this coverage cost?

Professional insurance

The need for professional coverage has grown in recent years as more and more people enter into professional service activities. Consequently, taking out professional insurance is essential for all heads of micro-enterprises who wish to carry out an independent activity. For this purpose, it is necessary to know which insurance to choose for a micro-entrepreneur.

Professional insurance: what is it?

A company is responsible towards a good number of people and must be able to protect its activity as well as all these collaborators. I’Axa insurance for professionals exists for this purpose and can be subscribed by any company whatever its activity. Micro-entrepreneur insurance, formerly called auto-entrepreneur insurance, is used to cover auto-entrepreneurs and micro-enterprises against the risks that may appear during their activity.

This is a coverage that concerns all people with microenterprise status, this can be a freelancer, a craftsman, etc. These professionals pay a contribution to be able to benefit from optimal protection according to the guarantees chosen. In doing so, it is possible to ensure the sustainability of microenterprises through professional insurance.

Micro-entrepreneur insurance: is it compulsory?

As with any type of contract, micro-entrepreneur insurance contains mandatory guarantees and other additional ones. In other words, a micro enterprise is not obliged to take out professional insurance. There are no obligations except in certain exceptional cases of course. This generally depends on the activity carried out.

For people who wish to know all the legal and regulatory obligations, it is strongly advised to inquire with the CCIs (Chambers of Commerce and Industry) or the CMAs (Chambers of Trades and Crafts). Otherwise, the insurance companies can communicate all the necessary information.

For example, the ten-year liability guarantee is imposed by law for micro-enterprises operating in the construction sector, professional liability is imposed by the texts for certain activities such as real estate and travel agencies. It is therefore essential to be well informed in order to benefit from a micro business insurance adapted to its activity and its budget.

Professional insurance

Guarantees in micro-entrepreneur insurance

As explained above, it is necessary to make the difference between two types of micro-entrepreneur insurance or guarantees: compulsory and optional. Anyway, it is possible to summarize the type of professional insurance for a micro-entrepreneur in 3 categories:

  • The guarantee of goods: a micro-entrepreneur who operates in premises, works with equipment and has a stock, must be able to cover these elements. In the event of fire or accidents, the premises are covered by this insurance. This is also the case for vehicles used on a professional basis.
  • Activity-related insurance: this concerns the products or services provided. A micro-entrepreneur is responsible for what he does and the products he sells. This insurance also includes the ten-year guarantee (building) and the protection of equipment and goods.
  • Personal insurance: it is necessary to be able to compensate anyone working for the micro-enterprise in the face of any type of accident.

Finally, to choose well, it is always wise to use a comparator to calculate the price of your insurance by comparing the prices of different insurance companies.

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