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How can I finance my energy renovation work?

Juil 10, 2023
How can I finance my energy renovation work?

Financing energy renovation works

Did you know that the building sector alone accounts for 27% of French CO2 emissions ? To reduce its carbon impact and its energy consumption, our country is therefore relying on energy renovationone of the priority sectors of the France Relance plan with 6.2 billion euros invested. Energy renovation includes all the work that you can carry out with the aim improve the energy performance of your home. It is therefore a great tool for ecological transition. But it can sometimes be very expensive… Fortunately, solutions exist to enable you to finance your energy renovation work. In this article we detail the various aids you can benefit fromwhich will offer you the possibility of reducing the amount of your energy bills while reducing your impact on the environment.

State aid

To respect its commitments in the fight against global warming and to fight against thermal sieves, the French State uses various means to help thermal renovation of buildings.


Here is an aid designed to help all owners of homes at least 15 years old who are carrying out energy renovation works. Depending on income, it is capped at between 40% and 90% of the amount of eligible work, and can be combined with other types of aid. MyPrimeRenov is paid after the works by bank transfer.

“Living better serenity” aid from the National Housing Agency (Anah)

This aid is paid to low-income households to energy renovation works under the France Recovery Plan, and is capped at €18,000.

VAT reduction

As part of renovating your homeyou can claim VAT reduction. If completed for at least 2 years, you can benefit from a VAT reduced to 5.5% for your energy renovation work (insulation, heating, ventilation, etc.) and the work involved, such as laying new tiling, for example. Be careful, however, to call on an RGE certified company (Recognized Guarantor of the Environment) to benefit from it!

The Energy Bonus

Here is a help that does not come under the State, but which can allow you to make beautiful savings on the amount of the bill for your energy renovation work. Also called “heating and/or insulation bonus”, it requires getting closer to a organization signatory of its commitment charter, usually your energy supplier. It is therefore important to choose the right one and to take an interest in the opinions of customers. For example, you can read Mega Energy reviewwhich will allow you to have a real feedback on the service offered.

This Energy bonus is now open to everyone, and concerns two types of work: insulation work and the replacement of an oil-fired boiler. Its payment takes place after the works, and you will therefore have to advance the costs. insulation being very important in the context of a energy renovationbecause it makes it possible to greatly limit heat losses, and therefore to reduce the energy consumption of a buildingdo not hesitate to inquire more specifically about the ways of finance your insulation work !

Before opting for the Coup de Pouce heating and/or insulation bonus, remember to compare its estimated amount with that of the “Living better serenity” aid from Anah, because the two cannot be combined.

loan assistance

If you realize energy renovation worksyou can claim a zero rate eco-loan (or Eco-PTZ), the maximum amount of which is between €7,000 and €50,000. By making this choice, you will not have to make a cash advance and will not pay any interest, because these are paid for by the State. The accommodation must simply have been completed more than 2 years ago on the date of the start of the work.

Local aid

Many aids distributed by local authorities exist to fund your energy renovation works. Some local authorities, for example, apply a temporary exemption from property tax for households carrying out work to save energy. To find out which ones you are eligible for, contact your town hall, department or region.

So you can choose between different aids for improve the energy performance of your home. It is important to study them carefully and compare them, because some cannot be combined, or sometimes require you to meet very specific conditions.

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