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Funeral agency: how to choose well?

Juil 10, 2023
Agence de pompes funèbres

Funeral agency

Despite the deep sadness and emotions at the death of a loved one, the family has a duty to assume its responsibility and take charge of the funeral. However, to lighten this heavy burden on the family, calling on a funeral agency would be necessary. Today, these agencies are more and more numerous that it is currently quite difficult to find a professional who corresponds well to our needs. Here are some tips to help you make your choice.

What are the different types of funeral operators?

Generally, those who take charge of the funeral organization are private companies such as:

  • The SEM or Mixed Economy Company which are actually companies that the city has.
  • Affiliates which are semi-independent companies which organize themselves to centralize their management
  • Networks (Funeplus, Pascal Leclerc, Funeral Choice, Roc Eclerc)
  • The self-employed who are generally family companies
  • The large groups

Indeed, to find funeral directors, you are advised to surround yourself with people you trust in order to give you a hand in the various procedures. The funeral agency of your choice must be able to meet your expectations in terms of service, but also in terms of budget. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to carefully compare the services and prices. Funeral support sites like allow you to find funeral directors easier.

What are the various points to consider?


To do this, please identify the various funeral agencies that seem interesting to you via the internet or you can also request free quotes from funeral agencies near you.

Getting in touch

In order to acquire basic information such as transport, the price of the coffin, among others, do not hesitate to call the various agencies.

The importance of the advisor

The advisor is actually the person who supports you and accompanies you in your efforts, so it is important to have good contact with him. Indeed, the very first telephone contact will already allow you to have a feeling. If the latter is not conclusive, you are advised not to continue the process with this agency.

Be well surrounded

To make a good choice, it is really necessary to seek the advice of a family member or a close friend who knows about it. In truth, the various steps require quite a lot of time and energy and generally have an emotional impact. So, relying on the opinions left by friends, family members or on the agency’s website is necessary, because this allows you to have concrete feedback on the quality of service.

The estimate

In reality, reading the quote should not be taken lightly. It is very important to read and re-read the terms carefully. According to the 2008 Sueur law, any approach or recommendation is prohibited, this is also valid for hospitals and retirement homes. So, get several quotes and take the time to compare them in order to distinguish optional services from mandatory services.

Tips for choosing the right funeral company

Be well organized

At the time of the funeral, time is generally counted. Added to this is the organization of funerals and ceremonies. In these times, even though emotions can easily overwhelm you, you are forced to anticipate so that you can focus on what is essential. For this, please prepare the various documents such as the concession title, administrative documents, family record book, etc. These documents will make it easier for funeral directors to help you and save you time.

Pay close attention to advice

To find funeral directors, you are strongly advised to remain attentive to the advice of your relatives. So, do not hesitate to seek advice from your loved ones who have already experienced this situation. They will be able to recommend a competent agency that will provide you with satisfactory services. In addition, when you go to a funeral home, take the time to observe how the employees of the funeral organization work. Yes, there is nothing wrong with doing this, because sooner or later you will surely face this kind of situation. If you like their working method, do not hesitate to ask for more information and to contact the company in question.

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