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Expats in Singapore, the outlook for 2022

Juil 15, 2023
expatriés à Singapour

expats in Singapore

What are the prospects for expats in Singapore in 2022?

Singapore, often nicknamed “the Switzerland of Asia” is a city-state located on the Asian continent. For a long time, it was considered one of the most desirable places for a career abroad. Indeed, it guarantees a high standard of living as well as a wide range of employment options. In this health context dominated by COVID, Singapore has not lost its luster and offers certain prospects for expatriates. Follow us for details.

Information technology

For expatriates in Singapore, the information technology sector represents an excellent prospect this year. Indeed, according to the data, the demand for software engineers has increased by 25% since the outbreak. This is due to the fact that the demand for cyber security and innovative software will increase as a result of the advancement of technology.

The majority of businesses now have an online presence that needs to be maintained and secured. Therefore, these engineers will be able to protect their establishment against internal and external threats. As a result of this change, this sector is expected to grow. Cyber ​​security analysts are therefore becoming indispensable in companies.

Healthcare for expats in Singapore

The COVID outbreak has resulted in a shortage of skilled healthcare providers. For this, the Singapore government is trying to retain health professionals by increasing their remuneration. This sector could therefore represent a good prospect for expatriates.

However, it is important to note that this is a specialized area. In this sense, education and appropriate certifications are necessary.

This will also correspond with the increase in the cost of health on site. It is therefore important to find out about the costs before seeking treatment. Here are some useful links:

However, many solutions exist to allow you to be covered at the best and at the best price.


When it comes to recruiting engineers, robot technology and the internet are two of the areas where professionals are often in demand. For example, a robotic engineer practicing in Singapore can, according to Salary Explorer XNUMX, earn an average of $8,230 per month. Criteria such as years of experience and diploma can have a significant influence.

Biomedical and technology that can help expats in Singapore

Another prospect for expats in Singapore is in biomedical and technology. In an effort to meet the complex needs of patients as well as the Coronavirus outbreak, companies have stepped up their efforts in designing and creating solutions.

As a result, the medical device market has generated significant revenue and experienced tremendous growth over the past year. Given the increase in the number of healthcare establishments, healthcare expenditures, an aging population and technological advances, this trend, without a doubt, is likely to continue in 2022.

Financial services

Singapore, if you don’t know, occupies the 6e place among the ten best financial centers in the world. For this reason, we can expect additional hiring in the financial sector, which represents a prospect for expatriates.

Moreover, the Monetary Authority of Singapore, at the end of 2021, announced the issuance of four digital licenses. The most popular roles will be operational risk, compliance and analytics.

In 2022, information technology, healthcare, engineering, biomedical and financial services are some of the sectors that are expected to have prospects for expats in Singapore. If you are qualified in these fields, it is in your best interest to try a career in this country.

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