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Expat insurance in South Africa

Juil 14, 2023
Assurance santé expatriés afrique sud

expat health insurance south africa

Expat insurance in South Africa

In South Africa, the public and private health systems coexist. Most public hospitals, like private ones, offer quality care. But their accessibility is made difficult by the long wait due to the high number of patients. Health insurance is therefore important for expatriates. How is access to care for foreigners? How important is expat health insurance in South Africa? How to choose the best expat health insurance in South Africa?

Access to health care for foreigners in South Africa

There is no discrimination in access to health care for locals and foreigners and therefore no restrictions on access to health care. However, health coverage is compulsory for foreigners, regardless of the health system adopted. Indeed, the majority of hospitals invest more in the health of local populations. This makes access to them difficult because of the number of patients.

Thus, to facilitate foreigners’ access to better quality care, within a short period of time, it is recommended that they seek treatment in private hospitals. Indeed, these private centers have the best doctors and high-tech equipment.

Importance of health insurance

Whether you are an expatriate or a simple traveller, you can only access hospital care on presentation of your insurance card. Subscribing to international health insurance is therefore a necessary and very important formality.

In South Africa, subscribing to international health insurance offers several advantages. Indeed, it allows easy access to quality care within a reasonable time. This insurance gives you the freedom of choice of hospital and doctors in South Africa or abroad including your country of origin.

It also automatically guarantees your repatriation. This saves you from paying the costs of your evacuation to a nearby competent hospital or your country in the event of illness.

How to choose the best expat health insurance in South Africa?

Are you planning to spend a relatively long stay in South Africa for professional, training or leisure reasons? In this context, you must choose an international health insurance adapted to your needs. You can contact us, we will be able to accompany you and guide you in your search.

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