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Expat health insurance in Hong Kong

Juil 15, 2023
Assurance santé expatrié Hong Kong

Hong Kong expat health insurance

Expat health insurance in Hong Kong

You plan to settle in Hong Kong or you have been living there for a long time. It is important to obtain good expatriate health insurance to make the most of the Hong Kong health system. The care delivered is of a high standard, with state-of-the-art public and private hospitals. The doctors are qualified, with diplomas coming from the United States, the United Kingdom, or Hong Kong, the city with good universities. This combination makes Hong Kong one of the best healthcare systems in the world. However, we will see in this article that it is very important to choose the right expat health insurance in Hong Kong. Here is the list of hospitals in Hong Kong.

Public health system


The public health system in Hong Kong is very qualitative, as much as the private one. Its biggest advantage over private will be its cost. The public hospital is indeed almost fully reimbursed for permanent residents, children under 11, or those with a Hong Kong Identity Card, available to anyone residing more than 180 days in the territory. Without this card, prices are about 10 times higher.

Another advantage of public hospitals is the permanent presence of specialists in all areas, which makes it possible to avoid waiting for a specialist in urgent cases. In general, the public hospital is very good for emergency situations, because it will be able to take care of you quickly and with flawless quality.


The biggest disadvantage of public hospitals is their extreme saturation. If they are able to take care of you quickly in an emergency, the delays for non-emergency situations are colossal. This is due to the reputation and quality of care that attracts patients from all over Asia. An appointment with a specialist can take you 6 months or more, just like a treatment for cancer…

Private health system


As with the public, the quality of care here is among the best in the world. The private, however, is much less congested than the public, and allows rapid care. This is particularly useful for consultations with specialists. Note however that private hospitals do not have specialists in all fields at all times, but this allows you to decide on the choice of your practitioner. The comfort and service of these hospitals are also not to be neglected.


The staggering costs are the biggest flaw of these hospitals. Especially since they will seek to carry out the maximum possible care or examinations to raise the note. You have to see this health system as a business: each service is chargeable, and their goal is to earn money. You must therefore pay close attention to what the hospital offers you, so as not to exceed your insurance limit.

The importance of having expat health insurance

Although the public service is efficient in Hong Kong, one should not make the mistake of leaving without insurance. Urgent care can be well taken care of in the public sector, but the private sector is recommended for all consultations or other care. The latter having high prices, this implies taking out good expatriate health insurance which can cover you fully. Insurance provided by companies is typically not sufficient compared to private sector costs.

Which expat health insurance to choose in Hong Kong?

Local insurance

Local insurance has the advantage of being much cheaper than private insurance. Indeed the cover is only limited to Hong Kong, which reduces the risk for the insurer, because it does not cover you in the event of a trip abroad. However, it is necessary to renew each year its membership, which is not done automatically. If a health problem appears, then you may find yourself without insurance, and without the possibility of finding one that accepts you. So be careful.

International insurance

These insurances will cover you in most countries of the world. They also generally have repatriation and emergency evacuation insurance which can be useful in the event of an accident abroad. It should be noted that in Hong Kong, the quality of care allows you to be fully treated on site. Repatriation insurance is therefore useful only if you visit surrounding countries. The ceilings are also much higher and allow you to have a wider choice as to the practitioners you wish to consult and the treatments you wish to receive. Finally, the third-party payment network of these insurance companies is highly developed.

Complementary to CFE

As a French national or the spouse of a French expatriate, it is possible to subscribe to the CFE. Our guide to the CFE here. This can prove to be excellent value for money compared to other insurances. They have a low price, with a low annual increase and wide coverage.

How to find your insurance?

As you will have understood, you should not rely on the public service, and expatriate health insurance in Hong Kong is important to have access to the private system. There is no diet that is better than the others, everything will depend on your needs and your constraints. The best option is to use an insurance broker.

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