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Benefits of international group insurance – Expatmedicare

Juil 14, 2023
assurance sante internationale de groupe

In most countries, expatriates rarely have access to local social security, or this access does not offer the ideal treatment conditions for an expatriate. Sending an employee to another country calls for him to find a solution allowing him to be covered as well as possible and to be able to live and work in his new country with a clear mind and therefore more efficiently. What are the different methods of insuring your employee?

Give an allowance

Surely the simplest method, the allowance is often used by companies that do not meet employee quotas in order to qualify for international group health insurance. It also leaves the choice to your employees of the coverage they want, which may appeal to some.

Be careful to ask for an invoice, so that there is no premium paid unnecessarily. Find the best individual solution here.

Local group health insurance

It is often the most used solution, it allows often complete coverage at a very reasonable price. However, it is necessary to fulfill an employee quota in the targeted country, otherwise it will not be possible to set up this type of insurance. In addition it will be almost impossible to register base employees in another country.

This solution is often favored by companies with a local HR department, however it favors the accumulation of contracts and inequalities between teams from different countries, because each insurer offers very different products.

International group health insurance

Although often more expensive than its local counterpart, international group insurance offers many advantages. Indeed, only one contract will be enough to cover all of your expatriate employees, as well as homogeneity in coverage. All employees will have the same coverage worldwide as well as in their home countries.

Simplified coverage and better benefits are on the way, and will only have advantages for your employees.

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