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What are the home insurance covers?

Juil 10, 2023
What are the home insurance covers?

what does home insurance cover

Taking out home insurance is an obligation for tenants and owners of condominiums. It covers the vagaries of daily life. In the event of a claim, the insurance company offers you compensation. But what are the guarantees of this contract?

Housing and property coverage

The multi-risk home contract covers harm and damage affecting your home and your property.

Water damage warranty

The insurance company pays compensation for damage caused by water damage in your home. However, if you plan to install new pipes, this coverage does not reimburse the costs associated with this work. You can still check in the home insurance quote that you have requested the general conditions of the contract.

The fire guarantee

A fire guarantee must be included in a multi-risk home insurance. It covers housing, property and bodily injury caused by fire. The latter is often caused by combustion, conflagration or conflagration. Lightning is also included in these fire factors. The insurance company also takes care of the damage caused by the firefighters throughout their intervention. Regarding the explosion guarantee, this is already integrated with the fire cover. In order to be covered, the claim must be of criminal or accidental origin.

Glass breakage warranty

This type of warranty is designed to protect the glass elements of your home. It compensates for damage to the glass parts of doors, windows, verandas, bay windows, terraces, etc. This damage can be caused by attempted break-ins, hail or falling projectiles. This coverage does not support mirrors, light fixtures as well as light bulbs.

The flight guarantee

Although optional, the theft guarantee covers the consequences of burglary or theft. To benefit from compensation, the insurer imposes certain conditions. The insured is required to provide proof of the claim, for example, break-in, use of false keys, violence, etc. Moreover, the company may ask you to reinforce the security of your home. For this, you must install a video surveillance system, an armored door, anti-intrusion shutters, etc.

Weather event cover

The climatic events guarantee covers your property against damage from hail, snow and storms. The law of June 25, 1990 stipulates that it is compulsory. You therefore have the right to inform your insurer of the damage that occurred during these climatic events. To benefit from compensation, your declaration must be made within 48 hours of the incident.

Liability coverage

The civil liability guarantee makes it possible to insure the damage caused to others. It comes in two types.

“Privacy” civil liability guarantee

This home insurance coverage protects you from damage you may cause to a third party. The guarantee applies in the event of material or physical damage. The insurance company takes the place of you and your family members to compensate the persons concerned.

Owner liability coverage

If you are the owner of a rental property, you are responsible for the damage caused to your tenant. This damage is often due to a lack of maintenance or a construction defect. This form of guarantee covers claims for which you may be responsible.

How to take out home insurance?

If you plan to take out this type of contract, you can go directly to an insurance company. It is also possible to contact a broker or a general insurance agent. Before making a decision, several proposals should be compared. Ask about warranties and pricing. A reliable insurance company is one that offers you an information sheet that details:

  • the amount of the contribution;
  • any applicable deductibles;
  • covers ;
  • the applicable law in the event of a dispute.

You must sign the contract if it suits you. The insurer then sends you a certificate proving the existence of your home insurance.

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