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How does home insurance work?

Juil 10, 2023
How does home insurance work?

The tenant must take out home insurance for the accommodation he occupies. She is OBLIGATORY because of the damage that could occur in the dwelling due to its occupation. In the event of the occurrence of a claim or damage, it is the owner of the property who is injured. It is therefore essential for the tenant to take out insurance in order to avoid having to reimburse any damage and being sued for lack of insurance. Roommates are also affected by this mandatory measure in the same way as the occupants of student accommodation. As for the owner who rents his property or lives in it, he is not obliged to insure it. It is nevertheless recommended to take out insurance to protect against disasters that could occur: fire, flood, etc. In the event of damage, he will have to pay for the restoration of his accommodation himself. In the more problematic cases of damage or harm caused to a third party, it will be obliged to compensate the injured parties. Finally, if the accommodation is located in a condominium, the owner is obliged to subscribe to a Home Insurance including at least civil liability.

Several formulas to ensure your accommodation

There are several formulas to ensure your accommodation. A base is common to all but the guarantees are extended on condition that the insurance premium is increased.

The basic base and the minimum formula

The subscriber has the choice of insuring the property he rents or owns according to a more or less wide range of formulas. An entry-level formula necessarily contains the following guarantees:

  • Public liability
  • Theft and vandalism warranty
  • Property damage, glass breakage coverage
  • Protection against fire, water damage
  • Protection against natural and technological disasters
  • Protection against terrorist attacks

Certain optional guarantees are available with the multi-risk formulas and will perfectly match your coverage needs.

Multi-risk formulas

The guarantees can be extended by taking out tailor-made insurance. Thus your insurance can cover damage to your personal property (computer, telephone, household appliances, etc.) or even cover the search for leaks in the event of water damage. It is also a way to protect your garden, swimming pool and even your pets.

Legal protection

The legal protection covers the accommodation and the use made of it. It can be very useful when selling, buying or renting out, even just on vacation. This protection can also apply in private disputes and is triggered according to certain minimum levels.

The composition of a home insurance contract

An insurance contract contains general conditions and special conditions.

General conditions

They provide information on the rights and duties of each party, namely the insurer and the customer. These conditions are governed by the insurance code and apply to all companies and policyholders.

Particular conditions

The special conditions refer in particular to the particularities of the insured accommodation: address, type, number of rooms and characteristics, possible co-ownership, etc. They also provide information on the duration of the contract and the terms of its renewal while also specifying the amount of the annual contribution. The special conditions contain the details of the guarantees taken out and their limits. Also appear the deductibles that the customer will have to pay to trigger the reimbursement conditions in the event of a claim.

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