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Home insurance: how to save it?

Juil 10, 2023
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Home Insurance

Home insurance is an obligation for all tenants of a dwelling. Most insurance companies offer their customers multi-risk home contracts which are made up of several guarantees. On the market, there are many home insurances, it then becomes necessary to compare the price offers while ensuring the quality of the guarantees offered. How to do it ? Compare the offers before making your choice

One of the easiest ways to find insurance at a discount is to use a comparison tool or hire a broker. This allows you to estimate the costs before requesting a home insurance quote. In reality, all insurers have different proposals. The particularities are in terms of the guarantees offered, deductibles, contribution costs, etc.

By doing a good comparison, you can find an offer that meets your budget, but is also of good quality. It is not enough to want to reduce the cost of insurance at all costs, but to choose the one that offers the most possibilities and guarantees for the coverage of risks and the repair of disasters in a house.

Choose insurance that meets your needs

Before signing a home insurance contract, it is important to assess your needs and the risks to be covered. In general, multi-risk insurance contracts cover many risks, but it is up to you to choose the options on the contract. The needs to be taken into account will depend primarily on your status as a tenant or owner. For example, as a tenant, you do not need to sign a contract for the exterior of your rented accommodation.

It is therefore important to check the contract carefully before signing it, and above all to make sure to check only the important needs. This will allow you to make significant savings on your budget and you will find a contract that suits you perfectly.

Pay your dues in one go on an annual basis

It is quite possible to pay the insurance contributions monthly. Only, by doing so, you end up paying much more than expected. In reality, by paying per month, there are several fees that apply to your payments. On the other hand, if you pay once a year, you significantly reduce all unnecessary costs. Thus, you can save more than 10% on the total amount.

You may not have the cash to pay all at once. Take the time to check the deductible on your insurance contract before signing it. If your deductible is high, you will have to spend less in the event of a claim. This will save you money.

Maximize the protection of your home

What you need to know is that the more secure your accommodation, the less you pay when it comes to your insurance. For example, if you have video surveillance installations in your home, the contribution costs of your insurance contract will be significantly reduced.

Also, if the materials used to build the house are very strong, you will pay much less for insurance. In addition, you should check the condition of your household appliances such as heating. If you have, for example, a smoke detector or a water leak detector in the accommodation, the price of theassurance will decrease considerably.

Be sure to notify your insurer if you have carried out renovations or made adjustments to your property. This would reduce the cost of home insurance.

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