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Everything you need to know about construction insurance

Juil 10, 2023
Everything you need to know about construction insurance


To protect your assets and loved ones, taking out insurance is highly recommended. There are different kinds, it all depends on the case and the sector of activity of each one. In construction, especially for the builder and the owner, ten-year civil liability insurance and property damage insurance are appropriate.

Ten-year civil liability insurance: an obligation for the builder

Some trades are quite delicate and require special skills. This is the case of the construction of a building. Since the work carried out is generally intended for a dwelling or professional premises, it is important to ensure the solidity of the building and its general condition.

Subscribing to insurance allows you to avoid risks and losses. The main stakeholders of the construction project must here opt for theten-year civil liability insurance. The latter is aimed at architects, contractors, design offices, project managers and various technicians who are under contract. This type of insurance is also imposed on the owner wishing to resell his property or rent it out.

Although the building professional is competent in the work to be done, the ten-year guarantee is a legal obligation. The subscription to the insurance must be done well before starting the work. This option will cover any damage over a period of 10 years. However, it does not cover faulty workmanship during the execution of the work.

It only takes into account defects observed on delivery of the work. Thus, in the event of damage, it is the insurance which assumes the costs of repair and restoration of the property in question.

The usefulness of property damage insurance

As far as the owner of the structure is concerned, it is the property damage insurance that is intended for him. It allows toavoid unpleasant surprises. This type of insurance is not only intended for a natural person, but also for a legal entity, which then becomes the project owner. Unlike a subscription for trades related to the field of construction, this can be done during the works.

The adhesion must be carried out when the house is out of water and out of air. In other words, it must be taken out when it is protected from air and water. This is also the case when work on the walls, floors, framework and roof is carried out. However, there are those who register only after receiving the work.

Building damage insurance also makes it possible to finance repairs in the event that damage is found that compromises the solidity of the building. When the building becomes unfit for delivery, we can talk about the benefits of insurance.

This is the case, for example, of a roof that collapses. Must therefore request a property damage insurance broker to learn more about the subject. Indeed, the cost can vary according to the nature of the project, that is to say if it is a construction, a renovation or an extension.

There are also many other criteria to check, such as the size of the project, the materials used, etc. Like the ten-year guarantee, the DO insurance also protects the owner for a period of 10 years, from the end of the construction site.

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