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AXA home insurance: the coverage provided

Juil 9, 2023
AXA home insurance: the coverage provided

What does axa home insurance cover?

Subscription to home insurance is compulsory for tenants and for owners living in a condominium. It is not for those who occupy their home, but is strongly recommended. At AXA, find contracts providing basic guarantees as well as options through which you can adjust your offer according to your needs. In the following, discover the covers that can make up your AXA home insurance.

What are the basic guarantees of AXA home insurance?

Your housing contract must provide for the following mandatory coverage:

Property damage coverage

They allow you to be taken care of when a disaster strikes your home. Here they are :

  • the fire guarantee: it compensates you if your home is damaged by fire, smoke, an implosion or an explosion or if it has been struck by lightning;
  • the technological disaster cover applies if a technical or human deficiency in an industrial establishment or in any other operation has caused damage to your home;
  • terrorist attacks and acts cover covers destruction caused by an explosion or fire resulting from a terrorist act;
  • the natural disaster guarantee covers damage caused by a landslide, flood, mudslide, provided that they are declared;
  • the water and frost damage guarantee covers you if you face water infiltration through the roof, if a pipe bursts or if the pipes are frozen, etc.;
  • the climatic events guarantee compensates damage caused by storms, floods, snow, etc.

Warranties covering your property

They apply to your equipment and furniture. It is :

  • the additional costs guarantee which reimburses the additional expenses resulting from a loss suffered by your home: relocation costs, furniture storage rental, costs of a technical inspector or an architect for its restoration, costs of bringing it into compliance , etc.
  • the travel assistance guarantee which covers you if you fall ill or if you suffer an accident during your stays (of less than 90 days) abroad.

Private civil liability cover

  • the civil liability guarantee is one of the main guarantees of theHome Insurancesince it compensates third parties to whom you (yourself as well as your children, animals and other people you are housing) have caused harm through negligence or imprudence;
  • defence-appeal cover: the defense cover applies when your insurer undertakes to defend you and to cover your procedural costs through the resolution (judicial or amicable) of conflicts involving your civil liability. Thanks to the recourse guarantee, it will help you to recover the compensation to which you would be entitled due to breakdowns and damage of which you could be a victim;
  • the initial legal protection guarantee allows you to benefit from legal advice in the context of legal proceedings against a construction contractor, your neighbours, etc.

Optional guarantees

They are not compulsory, but you can subscribe to them if you fear that the loss they cover is likely to occur.

Property damage warranty

This is the emergency breakdown cover which involves the intervention of a locksmith, a plumber, an electrician or a gas professional in the event of a breakdown or malfunction in your equipment.

Warranties covering your property

They are numerous and are intended to take charge of your assets.

Home theft and vandalism coverage covers burglaries of which you may be a victim in your home as well as damage caused by an act of vandalism.

The theft outside cover compensates you if one or more items worth more than €99 are stolen when you are outside or travelling.

The glass breakage guarantee compensates for any glass breakage (windows, bay windows, doors, etc.) as long as it is not caused by poor maintenance or because the installations are dilapidated.

The interior breakage guarantee applies if the glass areas of your furniture are broken or if you face the total destruction of your furniture and appliances.

In the event that the movable capital does not sufficiently cover the damage caused by a fire or a natural disaster, the security capital guarantee will grant you additional compensation of €10,000 per damaged object.

The breakage guarantee for nomadic devices covers the deterioration of any nomadic equipment worth more than €99, on the condition that it belongs to you or to the people living under your roof.

The guarantee for damage to electrical appliances compensates for damage suffered by your electrical equipment due to lightning, overvoltage or electrical malfunction.

The 5-year breakdown warranty and extended warranty extends the warranty for your audiovisual equipment and household appliances. They will be replaced if they are irreparable. Spare equipment can be lent to you if their repair takes more than 7 days.

The outdoor facilities warranty covers property located outside your home: barbecue, furniture, gazebo, etc.

The green energy guarantee (produced by, among other things, a wind turbine, photovoltaic panels, a heat pump) covers any loss of income as well as the costs resulting from the rental or purchase of electricity.

The swimming pool warranty covers any damage suffered by your swimming pool and its accessories.

Private liability cover

It includes the optional legal protection guarantee which provides for more provisions such as legal support and advice, analysis of contracts, police fines, cost of experts, lawyer or mediation fees, settlement of disputes concerning your home, your vehicle, your health, your work, etc.

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