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4 good reasons to go through a real estate agency to rent out your property

Juil 10, 2023
4 good reasons to go through a real estate agency to rent out your property

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Many owners want to rent their property directly. This involves a simple broadcast on sites like Leboncoin. Unfortunately, what these landlords don’t know is that a rental takes a lot of time and effort. Whether it’s finding a tenant, sorting files, taking care of the property or staying up to date with the law. Here are the top 4 reasons to go through a real estate agency to rent your home.

The experience of a professional is second to none

Choosing Estate Agents is a great choice if you’re not used to renting. In some cases, it is better to delegate a task to a professional to be more serene. In terms of renting it is the case! A real estate professional knows his trade. Thus it is his duty to guarantee you the smallest possible rental vacancy.

The real estate agent takes care of all the important stages of your rental to ensure unparalleled efficiency.

Do not panic, if you are refractory to the exclusive mandate, know that a new type of online real estate agency is revolutionizing the rental market by only offering non-binding mandates. This allows you to find tenants on your own at the same time and to terminate the contract at any time free of charge.

For a secure rental

To rent accommodation, you must provide a good number of documents such as the mandatory diagnoses. You must also adapt the rent, the rental conditions, the mandatory information, the sorting of files… The presence of a professional during these stages can be very reassuring for a landlord. Especially if the latter lacks experience. In addition, it guarantees that your rental will be in the nails in terms of laws.

This way you avoid unpleasant surprises. A professional will know how to sort the most relevant tenant files to avoid you a bad paying tenant for example. Finally, your agent will be able to advise you when necessary if you need to take out unpaid rent insurance.

Take advantage of a multicast

Today, there are many tenants on real estate ad sites. By renting your property directly, you will only publish on one or two sites at most. Most of the other sites are paying or very painful to use. For professional sites, as an individual you will not have access to them.

Thanks to a real estate agency you will have access to a multicast of your property. Count around 20 to 30 real estate portals for a classic distribution of your ad. Enough to trigger 10 times more visits! Add to that that the agency can share your ad within its network for more efficiency.

To free up your time

The most obvious reason why real estate agencies are so useful. The busiest owners rarely have time for the most time-consuming tasks.

Create your ad, put it online, receive lots of phone calls, process files, create your lease, take stock… So many tasks that tire owners and take up too much of their time. Without forgetting the tasks of rental management which occupy them more. The principle of delegation to a real estate agent takes on its full meaning here. The latter will take care of all these tasks and will perform them without any fault. Regarding the management of your accommodation, today, some real estate agencies have offers of rental management at a lower cost to help you in this area.

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