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How do I invest my money?

Juil 10, 2023
How do I invest my money?

Investing money means putting it on deposit or investing it in a sector. In reality, the quality of the investment lies in the profits acquired. It is therefore important to know beforehand the reasons for your savings or your investment.

Place your money in the form of precautionary savings in bank books

The livret A, the sustainable development booklet or LDD, the young booklet, and the popular savings booklet or LEP are capital-guaranteed financial products. Since 2015, the returns on these silver investments have fallen sharply. It is therefore no longer enough to simply rely on the interest earned on your deposit. You have to find another option that allows for better profitability. The latter can be achieved with project savings and long-term savings. In this way, subscribers allow themselves to build up a sum that can generate additional income.

Place your money in the form of project savings by investing in real estate

The real estate sector is developing in all its forms in France. Principal residences and rental accommodation are, for example, in priority. They can be a source of financial profitability if they are acquired with the SCPI or Société civile de placement immobilier. This method allows savers to invest in companies, without management constraints. In addition, it requires smaller sums than a direct investment.

In addition, investing in student residences is another profitable real estate investment. It improves the situation of your project savings. The entry ticket is, for example, accessible and managed by a professional. As a bonus, the tax system is very advantageous. The investor benefits from a large reduction in income tax and social security contributions. This is therefore an opportunity to make a fortune, if only with rents, and a better answer to the question ” How do I invest my money? “.

Place your money in the form of long-term savings in stock market investment

Long-term savings consist in setting up more distant objectives. Preparing for retirement and financing the children’s studies are part of this. You can do this by investing in the stock market. It’s about investing your money for at least 10 years. The ideal, however, is 15 to 20 years for earn much more interest. Also, in this option, your payments must be scheduled to mitigate market fluctuations. On the other hand, your profile, your experiences and your objectives count a lot for a better profitability. They constitute, for example, the 65% of success. In addition, the tax conditions are advantageous. They bring 35% of the success in this investment method if the 5% comes from your expectations for the year.

Finally, this last investment option requires certain affinities. The ability to put in place a positive economic outlook is the main one. It is a key factor in the success of your stock market forecasts and a better answer to the question “How do I invest my money?” “.

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