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An insurance broker can help you find the best deals

Juil 10, 2023
An insurance broker can help you find the best deals

Need to take out insurance? Not being affiliated with a single insurance company, an insurance broker is able to find you the best offer on the market according to your needs. Whether he works for his own account or within a brokerage firm, relying on this specialist presents a great opportunity to be well insured.

An insurance broker, who is he?

A natural or legal person, a insurance broker is an intermediary between an insurance company and an insured. It is in the category of IAS (Insurance Intermediaries). Its activity is strictly controlled by the Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry and by the Insurance Code. As a trader, he must be registered with the RCS (Register of Commerce and Companies) and with the single register of insurance intermediaries. Every year this mutual insurance comparator must renew their registration and meet the conditions imposed to exercise their activity legally.

Missions carried out by an insurance broker

Mandated by a client, a insurance broker Its main mission is to find the risk coverage contract that meets the needs of a company or an individual. To be able to defend his client’s case, he analyzes a few elements: financial situation, profile, level of risk, activity, etc. Independent of insurance companies, he delivers objective insurance advice to his clients on the choice of insurer. He approached several insurance companies in order to select the best contracts. For the interest of his client, he negotiates the terms and conditions of the contract, including the price, protection, guarantees, etc.

After signing the contract, the insurance broker takes on a supporting role. It ensures the implementation of the guarantees taken out. It is also involved in the settlement of any claims.

Go through a insurance brokeradvantages

Using an insurance broker means benefiting from many advantages.

Save time

Reading and understanding the terms and conditions of several insurance contracts can be time-consuming. Call on a insurance broker spares you this tedious step. It can take care of this part and save your time.

To save money

Having in-depth knowledge of the market, a insurance broker can make you an attractive and economical proposal. He is able to save you unnecessary guarantees that could be duplicated. The insurance specialist can offer you a free quote or a comparative simulation.

Find the right insurer

Agent of the customer, the insurance broker finds him the best offer on the market offering interesting guarantees and the best price. To do this, he analyzes his client’s needs and carries out a preliminary risk audit. In this way, he can negotiate the best insurance offer by proposing improved guarantees and some adaptations to the insured.

Accompany the insured throughout the duration of the contract

After signing the contract, the insurance broker monitors compliance with the terms of the contract. Throughout the contract, the insured benefits from his advice and recommendations. Listening to changes in your needs, he informs you about market developments concerning legislation and guarantees. The insurance adjuster also helps you with the termination of the contract. In the event of a claim, he ensures that you receive optimal compensation.

Benefit from the expertise of the insurance broker

Using his expertise, the insurance intermediary is able to identify the best offers in order to optimize your insurance. In terms of insurance, the needs of each sector of activity are not the same. The insurance broker is able to identify the risks related to your area and provides you with advice.

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