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All about the repurchase of credit

Juil 10, 2023
All about the repurchase of credit

The repurchase of credit remains an essential procedure for the relief of your budget. Moreover, the option of a renegotiation has multiple advantages, such as reducing your monthly repayments. You are probably wondering how to redeem a credit. Follow this guide to learn more about this topic!

Credit redemption: how to do it?

In the same way as a standard credit, the borrower has many methods to redeem his credits. Before making a buyback, these criteria should be taken into consideration:

  • the type of credit suited to your borrower profile;
  • the total amount to be borrowed to redeem your customers;
  • the number of hours to devote to your research.

On the other hand, the repurchase of credit can constitute a capital to finance you your future projects. Refer to the amount borrowed and its repayment period. It is more beneficial to gather your new application for financing and your old credits.

Depending on your personal projects, you must find a more suitable solution for your loan buy-back to be more profitable. These means allow you to redeem some or all of your credits. So, click on this link to more information !

Online credit redemption

Buying credit online is one of the most practical methods to buy back credit. On the Internet, various offers are available, you just have to make a comparison. To do this, you need to analyze:

  • the length of a new loan;
  • the price of the monthly repayments;
  • the amount of the transaction;
  • the interest rate.

Broker Services Support

Regarding the repurchase of credit, you can use the functions of a broker. Their job is to analyze borrowers’ files in order to guide their clients towards the right choice. In this way, a considerable saving of time on the comparison of offers.

Renegotiation of loans with a bank

You can renegotiate directly with the bank where you paid for your credit redemption. But be aware that signing a new contract would be less advantageous for you, as fees may apply.

Credit redemption: what are the acceptance criteria?

When you submit your request to buy back credit, the requested organization performs an analysis on all the information gathered. Then, a first opinion is sent to the client on the feasibility of the operation.


Generally, the monthly repayment rate should contain 33% of the borrower’s salary. For people with a high monthly payment, this rate can rise from 45% to 50%.

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