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What you need to know about insurance if you rent a car

Juil 10, 2023
What you need to know about insurance if you rent a car

Car Insurance

In the case of rental vehicles, there is no set policy: each company builds its “packages” with two or more protections for a set price or lets you choose which ones you want to include.

If your style of travel is far and involves visiting several points, the most common is to rent a car. Before signing the contract, they will surely make you purchase insurance. Find out what type of protections there are and which ones you have to pay for.

The importance of rental car insurance

There car rental in Mexico, as explained by the Alma de Chiapas website, is the best option for exploring the streets and landscapes of your destination. If you are coming from abroad, renting a car can be a great investment.

To find out what type of insurance you should use for car rental, here are some tips! You can also consult our article All about car rental and insurance.

Like when you travel with your own car, there will always be the risk of having an accident or facing situations beyond your control. Moreover, whatever the length of your stay, it is impossible to exclude the possibility of theft, which makes it essential to take out insurance.

Types of coverage or insurance

The only Compulsory insurance to rent a car is civil liability, that is, it is the one that frees you from damages to third parties that you could cause in an accident. It has a pre-established amount, each lessor sets the said amount.

TPL – CIVIL LIABILITY (Included in your rent)

It offers basic protection if a third party claims compensation for damage resulting from an event causing bodily injury to a third party or the deterioration or destruction of their property (property damage). up to the minimum amount required by law in each (base) state.


If you choose to purchase this coverage and the car you are renting is damaged or stolen, Starter Insurance will cover the cost of repair or replacement. Keep in mind that for this to be valid, you or the person driving the vehicle must appear as an authorized driver in the rental agreement, otherwise the insurance is not applicable.

If you decide not to rent the CDW, the damage caused to the lessor’s car is your responsibility, this means that you will have to pay the deductible, as long as it exceeds the value of the deductible. If the policy says the excess is 8,000 pesos and the damage to the car is 20,000 pesos, you will only pay 8,000 pesos (the value of the excess). Now, if the damage is less than 8 thousand pesos, the money will have to come out of your pocket.


This insurance gives you peace of mind and the confidence of knowing that you have personal medical expense protection. The insurance is for the driver and also extends to the occupants of the vehicle, as long as the car has been driven by an authorized driver and the authorized number of occupants has not been exceeded. The maximum insured amount is per occurrence.


Alone on the market at 0% deductible in total or partial damage or theft, it offers greater protection than that offered by credit cards; It allows you to control your budget and avoid charges for possible contingencies.

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