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what about impaired drivers and young drivers? – Insurance Magazine

Juil 10, 2023
what about impaired drivers and young drivers? - Insurance Magazine

Young drivers and the malussés are not housed in the same boat as others when it comes to taking out car insurance. The reasons are due to the fact that they are considered by insurers as risky profiles. Consequently, the latter are not always willing to offer them the best conditions. If you are in the case, know that you have alternatives.

Why does car insurance seem inaccessible to young drivers and those with disabilities?

It should be understood that before offering you a contract ofCar Insurance, each insurer assesses the risks it runs, regardless of the customer’s profile. In the case of car insurance, it is the profile that is mainly taken into account. There, certain previous information on your profile can justify a refusal of the insurer.

This is the case when you have obtained a significant penalty, or when several claims have been declared in a short time. The penalty is a coefficient that increases your insurance rate, a bit like punishing you for bad behavior that you have had in the past in traffic.

In terms of car insurance, insurers are also reluctant to cover young drivers, that is to say holders of driving licenses dating from less than 3 years. This is so because of the proven propensity of this segment of drivers to cause or be victims of accidents.

Malussed, damaged or young driver, solutions exist!

There are economical insurance solutions for the malussed and young drivers. They are available in three very interesting formulas.

In terms of car insurance formulas for handicapped or young drivers, there are:

  • the bodily injury civil liability formula: it is without deductible and without limit and covers all bodily injury suffered by a third party or by yourself in the event of an accident;
  • the material damage civil liability formula: here the insurer covers the material damage caused to others without excess, including in the event of fire or explosion of the vehicle;
  • the criminal defense and recourse formula following an accident: this car insurance offer aims to defend you amicably before any court due to lawsuits or consequent claims.

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