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Insurance and car rental: what you need to know

Juil 10, 2023
Insurance and car rental: what you need to know

Insurance and car rental

Insurance is an essential point when it comes to renting a car for a weekend, a business trip or during holidays. It is important to think about insurance in order to rent a car with peace of mind. Some options may be essential despite the basic guarantees. We give you more details.

Insurance included in the rental contract

Car rental allows you to have a vehicle at your disposal if you have a driving license and do not have a vehicle. Whether for a long or short term rental, the tenant is covered in civil liability. In the event of bodily injury and/or material damage caused to third parties, you are covered. But, you are not covered in case of damage done to yourself. As a driver, you must also have auto insurance. The insurance comparator allows you to find the car insurance that suits you best. Some car insurance may cover physical damage to the driver of a rental car. An advantageous guarantee when it comes to renting a car. You can take out additional guarantees with the rental company to cover damage such as fire, vandalism, etc. The rental agreement also includes an excess.

Individual car insurance extended to car rental

The holder of an auto insurance contract benefits from certain guarantees to drive a rental vehicle with complete peace of mind. Indeed, the guarantees of certain auto insurance policies can be extended to a rented vehicle. Subscribing to a car contract including a personal guarantee of the driver is particularly interesting. This makes it possible to benefit from compensation in the event of physical damage. It is recommended that you take the time to read the auto insurance contract carefully before signing. If in doubt, do not hesitate to ask for clarification. Attention ! Check if you are covered for a car rental abroad.

Additional guarantees

It’s risky to drive a rented car if you don’t have other protections besides Third Party Liability coverage. To avoid paying dearly in the event of a claim, it is necessary to take out additional guarantees. The “TP” (Theft Protection) deductible reduces your liability if the rented vehicle is vandalized or stolen. The CDW (Collision Damage Waiver) option limits the amount of the deductible if the driver collides with another vehicle. The “super CDW” makes it possible to buy out the franchise. The “PAI” (Personal Accident Insurance) option allows the driver and those on board to benefit from protection.

Cases where insurance does not come into play

The insurance does not intervene in various cases. Indeed, the insurance does not work if the claims occur when the driver is under the influence of narcotics, drunk, has taken medication, etc. The insurance also does not cover damage occurring after the time when the vehicle should have been handed over to the lessor. The theft of vehicle keys and the impossibility of returning them to the lessor are also included. If you have entered false information about your identity or your driver’s license, the insurance also does not work. Other scenarios such as damage to the vehicle, attempted fraud, use of the car in the context of competition or testing are not covered by the insurance. It is necessary to avoid passenger overload if you want insurance to come into play. It is important to respect the gray card regarding the number of people you can carry. Regardless of the length of the rental, carefully review the rental agreement.

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