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How to properly maintain your windshield wipers?

Juil 10, 2023
How to properly maintain your windshield wipers?

Very sensitive to wear and quickly worn out by the sun, wiper blades are very fragile. Therefore, they should be maintained regularly to keep them in good condition. Indeed, these elements are very important to guarantee a high level of road safety and there is no point in taking out good glass breakage insurance if, on the other hand, we do not maintain our windshield wipers! When the wiper blades are clean, the driver enjoys better visibility. When they are in poor condition, the risk of road accidents increases. Therefore, it would be wise to carry out regular maintenance of these elements but also of the windshield.

Routine maintenance is required…

To ensure proper maintenance of your windshield wipers, it is important to have the necessary equipment. You will need hot water, grease, detergent, a clean, dry cloth and an adjustable wrench. The windshield is an essential safety element for the driver but also for the passengers. Therefore, it should be washed regularly with a household detergent and allowed to dry. The wiper blades are not to be forgotten. They should be washed with hot water and dried with a clean cloth. Subsequently, it would be wise to check if the wiper blades move well to cover the entire surface of the windshield. If this is not the case, they should therefore be greased with silicone grease. It must be applied to the joint, that is to say to the axes of the broom.

How to change your windshield wipers?

It is advisable to start by changing the squeegees. These are very fragile and sensitive to bad weather. The squeegees must be replaced if they become porous or leave black marks after being washed. The rule to follow is the following: the scraping part must not be cut at its junction with the rest of the brush. The latter is also affected by the replacement. This is because rubber wears out quickly in the summer. As a result, it is during the summer season that the broom is damaged the most. Therefore, more attention should be paid. In any case, the average operating time of a wiper blade is one year. Beyond this time, the rubber becomes hard and no longer performs its function well. This change is very easy. Simply unscrew and unclip the old broom to install the new one in its place.

The windshield: an element not to be overlooked

When we say windshield, we are talking about an element that is essential to the safety of the automobile. This accessory is very important. It ensures good visibility for the driver, but also guarantees good support for the airbags. It also protects the occupants of the car cabin against bad weather, the sun’s rays, insects and particles from the outside. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the windshield. In the event of a serious crack exceeding certain limits, it is advisable to carry out a Windshield replacement without Excess. When it comes to a small impact, one repair is sufficient. It would be wise to use the services of a professional in all cases to enjoy a good quality of intervention.

As a conclusion….

Windshield wipers are of paramount importance. Therefore, they should be given great attention. The windshield and wiper blades need to be cleaned. If the rubber on these becomes worn, they should be replaced. It is also advisable to change the squeegees every year. Such regular maintenance allows you to have a windshield and wipers in good condition.

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