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Car insurance for terminated: What benefits?

Juil 10, 2023
Car insurance for terminated: What benefits?

For those concerned, car insurance for terminated appears as a second chance. Indeed, after termination of the auto contract, this possibility allows drivers to benefit from new coverage. The characteristics and conditions must then be clear and precise.

According to the law, an insurer has the right to terminate the auto insurance contract that binds it to a third party and vice versa. However, there are a number of conditions that must be met. Still, the driver is required to take out at least civil liability insurance.

Faced with this dilemma, specialized insurers offer tailor-made solutions to people who are terminated or with penalties. Here is what you need to know about the conditions and guarantees for the auto insurance offer for terminated.

All about car insurance for terminated?

Auto insurance is a legal obligation to travel on public roads with a motorized vehicle. However, following very specific circumstances, it may happen that the insurer decides to terminate this contract for many reasons.

After deregistration from an insurance company, the driver is automatically registered with AGIRA and considered as a risk profile. Despite everything, he must find an insurer who will be willing to insure him. The contract offered to him is then called auto insurance for terminated.

Most contracts for terminated persons are increased by an additional premium. To avoid a surcharge, it is possible to take out insurance at assuronline. The latter indeed offers offers with a good quality/price ratio, whatever the fault committed and the level of protection.

Who is the car contract for terminated intended for?

Any owner of a motor vehicle whose insurance contract has been canceled may claim auto insurance for the cancellation. He must then bring the registration certificate of his vehicle, his driving license and the statement of information which traces his history as an insured.

As a reminder, the termination of insurance is governed by the Insurance Code and the general conditions of sale of the insurer. According to these articles, the termination of the contract can be justified by:

  • False declarations in insurance;
  • Too many car claims;
  • An attempt at fraud;
  • A conviction for driving while intoxicated;
  • Non-payment of dues;
  • License withdrawal.

Mandatory conditions for taking out the insurance

To change insurer, the owner of a car must be able to retrieve his statement of information within 15 days of termination. Otherwise, the Hamon law authorizes his new insurer to do it for him.

The insurer is required to give its client time to find new coverage before signing the end of the old one. To this end, he must send him a registered letter at least two months before the due date.

Why choose a car insurance for terminated person?

It is true that finding auto insurance for terminated is a very complicated process. However, there are various proposals on the market with conditions that adapt to all profiles. To choose well, it is advisable to filter the offers using an online comparator.

Benefits offered

Subscribing to a contract for a terminated person means first of all avoiding the penalties provided for for a lack of insurance. Indeed, since 2019, law enforcement can easily identify the vehicles concerned. The driver risks a fine of up to €3,750. Click here to know more.

Then, in the event of an accident and depending on the additional options chosen, this solution allows you to be compensated. Indeed, the insurance for terminated, like conventional contracts, can cover material and bodily damage to third parties or to the driver’s own person.

Finally, it is mandatory to insure your vehicle, even if the license has been withdrawn. While waiting to retake the exam, civil liability protects the car from unforeseen events. This is particularly the case for theft, fire, glass breakage, natural disasters and storms.

Guarantees taken into account

Despite his background, the terminated driver has the right to benefit from a complete offer with the same guarantees as a conventional contract. He can thus opt for the “third-party car” formula or the “third-party +” formula, which allows him to take advantage of certain advantages of the third-party and all-risk guarantees.

“All-risk” car insurance is for anyone wishing to cover a large number of damages. Finally, there is the “car per kilometer” insurance for vehicles doing less than 8,000 kilometers per year.

As with every insurance contract, you must take the time to read and understand the terms of your car insurance contract for cancellation before signing it.

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