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Cancel car insurance that no longer drives?

Juil 10, 2023
Cancel car insurance that no longer drives?

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French law stipulates that all land vehicles must be insured. Whether it drives or sleeps in the garage for various reasons: insurance is required. The breakdown or immobilization of a vehicle are not always good grounds for termination for insurance companies. So, in what way is it possible to terminate an automobile insurance contract? When and how to terminate the insurance of a car without moving? What are the administrative procedures to follow?

When is it possible to cancel auto insurance?

Canceling car insurance cannot be done at any time: it requires a valid reason. Indeed, according to the Châtel law, it is possible to request a termination of a car contract if, at one year, the insurer has not yet sent a tacit renewal of the contract. In this case, it is possible to take the steps of termination.

When the vehicle stops moving

Article L 211-1 of the Insurance Code requires any owner of a land motor vehicle, even immobilized, to take out insurance, more details here. Even in the garage, the car can pose a risk to others. Thus, non-road vehicle insurance is required. This compulsory minimum insurance, known as “third-party” insurance, covers civil liability in the event of an accident and covers consumers for:

  • Flights
  • Fires
  • Damage caused by a natural disaster
  • Incidents caused by a third party
  • The insured has 20 days to terminate the car insurance contract, it is necessary to send a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt to the insurance institution concerned. There are car insurance cancellation letter template online that facilitates the termination process.

When the car was sold

Following the sale of a vehicle, the insurance contract is suspended at midnight on the first evening of the sale. It is possible to terminate it permanently within 10 days. But, first, you have to report the sale of the vehicle and make a cancellation request to the insurer. Thus, the letter containing the declaration of sale of the vehicle must contain the information of the insured (contact details, insurance contract number) and of the vehicle sold (vehicle brand, registration number and date of sale). In this way, the insured will be able to obtain reimbursement of his contribution advances. All these documents must be sent by registered mail.

Terminate your insurance contract

Any owner of a vehicle has the right to terminate an insurance contract by registered letter. But to terminate it, you have to wait at least the first anniversary date of the contract. After this date, you can cancel your car insurance contract with complete peace of mind. To find out all the details of the procedure for canceling a car contract, do not hesitate to follow the instructions on the Ré website.

Cancel car insurance policy online

Canceling an auto insurance contract online is a significant time saver. And for that, nothing could be simpler! There are service of online cancellation which offers customizable termination letter templates, fill it out and send it in RAR format to your car insurer. You don’t have to write anything: no administrative letter writing skills are required. You only have to fill in the form which will generate your letter of termination in complete peace of mind.

How to send the registered letter online?

Once the form is completed, check your information carefully. After verification, you can send your termination letter in the recommended format. Dematerialization makes it possible to manage everything remotely. Thus, no need to move. After having followed all these steps, you can pay via a secure platform in order to terminate your car contract. Is the purchase validated? Go to your mailbox to follow the sending of your letter thanks to a link that will have been sent to you.

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